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Name iT

No description

Yeukai Jiri

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Name iT

Our App
The aim of the game is to guess what words where typed into the search engine to produce a certain picture. When you begin to play, you are presented with an image (that has been randomly picked by Google) and you have to guess the exact search query that was typed, in order to produce that picture. A simple example would be:

Target Audience
We have no specific target audience because our app is aimed at and is suitable for everyone. We will only use images from Google that are appropriate for all ages and our app isn't complicated to understand either. It is possible for children to play as well because even if only one detail of the picture is submitted, there are points to be gained.
App Purpose
The main purpose of our app is to entertain but since our game is about observation, imagination, and description, there is an educational aspect. All the pictures that the player guesses are stored in a gallery for our app users to view, share and use for backgrounds and other purposes.
Marketing Strategy
Aims and Objectives
We aim to:
Create an app that will attract a lot of people
Make our app as accessible as possible by coding it for different platforms
Get our app popular and widely recognised
Gain a lot of money from people buying our app
Entertain people and get them addicted to Name iT
Competition/ Rival Apps
Unique Selling Point (USP)
Our app is like a never-ending cup of coffee: Addictive and constantly updated.
This means that the full version of the app will be updated every month, so in a year there will be 12 new themes available (equivalent to 1200 pictures).
Our app will keep people hooked because it is a guessing game that demands specific answers and creativity, so people will play it continuously to try to prove they are masters of observation.
Logo Quiz
4 Pics 1 Word
We are planning to make the app available on Windows, iOS and Android markets to get the maximum amount of users by making it more accessible.
We are also looking to advertise 'Name iT' via popular social networking sites and the more popular it gets, the more it will advertise itself.

When you open our app as a taster you will have two themes (or levels) with 25 pictures each. After this you will have to buy the complete app. Our full app is 69p with an unlimited amount of themes and each one contains 100 pictures. We will also provide hints and the option to buy more in packs.
Guess the Picture
Some of our competition is pictured below and they have a similar app idea involving images and guessing but our app has the potential to beat them because it requires people to use their imagination when trying to find the full answer, rather than to just recognise an image and state its name.
What you see:
What we see:
"Cartoon black and white striped four legged animal with a tail and hooves"
The player submits an answer and receives points based on its accuracy and the number of words guessed correctly.
The Key Is Specificity...
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