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Assessment Mission!

CSUN, USU Administration Department

Brandon Urtiz

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of Assessment Mission!

Table of Contents
Department Meetings (Fall 2013)
Completed Assessments
Current Assessments
Project Notes Update
Timeline (Cycle Steps)
Spring 2014 Assessments (6)
Before, now, and after
Department Meetings (Fall 2013)
1) Bo Afshar
2) Alexander Gonzales
3) Sandra Salute
4) Kaila Lavin
5) Kristofer Newsome
6) James Matzen/Jenny Soto
7) Samantha Liu
8) Dave Ross
9) Joseph Illuminate/Jonathan Navarro
10) Sarina Loeb
11) Shannel Tyus/Audrey Rose M. Martinez
Timeline (Cycle Steps)

Current Assessments
(Kris) Participation Survey & Focus Group [after midterms/before finals – midterms are March 17-21]
(Events) Matador Mall Focus Group [March 3-6]
(Jack & Diana) and Facilities and Commercial Services Assessment [Quiet Study Lounge] .
(Kaila) Member Survey
(Bo) Computer Labs External Assessment

Completed Assessments
1) Student Summit (08/21/13)
2) Sistahood (Postponed)
3) Technology Workshop Series - Fall 2013
4) Technology Workshop Series - Spring 2014
5) Pride Center Survey
6) Focus Groups (“Learning the Basics”)
7) Intramural Internal Assessment
8) Budget Retreat Learning Outcomes Survey
9) Computer Labs Internal Assessment
Project Notes Update
Spring 2014 Assessments (6)
1) Sandra Salute -Manager, Fitness and Wellness
“New Year Resolution”
2) Kaila Lavin -Membership Services Coordinator
"Are you Satisfied" (Combine with Michal Jankowski - Facility Operations Manager)

4) James Matzen —Manager, Marketing & Jenny Soto —Marketing Supervisor
Matador Nights

6) Sarina Loeb - Pride Center & LGBTQ Initiatives Coordinator
LGBTQ Training
5) Samantha Liu - Coordinator, ISSP and SSU
"Secret Shopping” (Customer Service)
Op's trainings (Push Back)

3) Kristofer Newsome - Intramurals Coordinator
Focus Group (sometime around April, roughly after Spring Break)

Before, now, and after
Department Meetings (Fall 2013)
Completed Assessments
Current Assessments
Project Notes Update
Timeline (Cycle Steps)
Spring 2014 Assessments (6)
Before, now, and after
1. Request from client (day 1) [client]
2. Calendar request/scheduling (week 1) [Brandon/Kingson]
3. Get outcomes from client prior to meeting (week 1) [Brandon]
4. Meeting with Client (week 1-2) [Brandon/Kingson]
a) Reason for assessment
b) Sample questions (Learning Outcomes, Goals, etcetera)
c) Gathering participants (Interview, focus group, emails)
d) Type of assessment
e) Length of assessment
f) Gather time frame/deadline of assessment
g) Additional Project Notes briefing
5. Develop Instrument (week 2) [Brandon/Kingson]
6. Review instrument [Brandon/Kingson]
7. Supervisor/Manager Review [Kingson/Sharon]
8. Send instrument to client (by week 3) [Brandon]
9. Final draft of instrument [Client/Brandon/Kingson/Sharon] (by week 3, last days)
10. Create shell of assessment on baseline [Brandon] (by week 3, last days)
11. Client is sent notice regarding Additional Project Notes on Baseline [Brandon] (by week 4)
12. Conduct assessment (anticipated date)[Client/Baseline/Kingson/Brandon] (by week 4)
a) Online (Baseline)
b) Handouts
c) Observation
13. Gather notes or raw data [Client/Brandon]
14. Additional Project Notes on Baseline Complete [Client]
15. Executive summary on baseline (within 2 weeks after assessment completion)[Client]
16. Future Action steps - follow up of what we can do to discuss the gaps or what we can do to improve the assessment in the future.

One Stop
Project Notes Complete
Time Management
Master Calendar
Assessment Cycle
All Departments
Department Goals:
1) Build an Assessment master calendar that systematically schedules corporate assessments.
2) Identify a USU Web site location on which to publish key corporate assessment results.
1) Assessment assistant will learn assessment fundamentals (i.e. mindset, instrumentation) and begin working with staff to design and edit instruments by June 1, 2014.
2) A master calendar of assessments will be created by Dec. 1 2013.
3) Student Learning Outcome data from 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 will be published on the USU Website by June 30, 2014 to introduce stakeholders to the degree to which the USU's Learning Outcomes program enhances student capacity for personal achievement .
1) Assessment Assistant will score 60% or higher on a knowledge exam based on training materials and would have assisted with five (5) instruments.
2) Fifty percent (50%) of USU departments will launch survey instruments according to calendar parameters.
3) USU Web site will contain documented evidence of Student Learning programming impacts.

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