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No description

Protea Social

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of bonolo

YOU Tweets Posts Pins Pic Uploads Group Activity Status Updates Likes Share Comment EVERY INDIVIDUAL IS A BRAND Everything you do effects your personal brand and your clients perception of the Protea Hotels brand Anyone you deal with / engage with has: perceptions
associations about Did you see his photos on Facebook? I know, and last night he tweeted about getting drunk after work. Note to Self CLIENTS will search for you online before or after your first meeting. What will they find? Brand Personality e.g. Protea Hotels Fun
Slick & Sexy
Communicate with attitude
Unique You? - ...
- ...
- ...

Know who you are DISCOVER Develop your brand personality and how you want others to perceive you Phase 1 Phase 2 CREATE Decide what channels you would be active on (Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook) and create your accounts Phase 3 COMMUNICATE How would you align your personal selling skills with the Protea Hotels brand in your content Phase 4 MAINTAIN Having an online presence assists as a tool with your acquisition and maintenance strategy Social Technologies Social Networking Social networking is all about connecting with people through a variety of communication methods and online communities Social Media Social media includes the use of the internet & mobile media (videos, documents, photos, presentations etc.) for sharing ideas, concepts, messages or entertainment Social Relevance Social relevance encompasses the online reputation of an organisation or individual Communicating Knowledge Transfer Reputation Value BRAND YOURSELF Now for the Protea Hotels Social Media Strategy What is social media?
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