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Jordan, Wes, and Matt's Greene County Governement Project.

Matt Goodwin

on 18 December 2009

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Transcript of GREENE COUNTY!!!

by: Jordan, Matt, & Wes who's at the top? this guy... Mitch Daniels---Governer of Indiana
Born April 7, 1949
49th Governor of Indiana, elected in 2005
Elected through popular election
Receding Hairline

what does Mitch do?? lt. governor Becky Skillman Republican
Born September 26, 1950
First Female to be elected to this office
Elected by popular vote on same ticket as governor
Her Man is Mitch
attorney general Greg Zoeller

Republican...Never would have guessed that
Elected by Hoosiers
Amazing Mustache auditor Tim Berry You guessed it....Republican
Elected by the people
Really no other information about this man secretay of state Todd Rokita Republican...surprise!!!
Elected by popular vote

treasurer Richard Mourdock Yeah...he is a Republican
Elected by the people in 2006
Has a creepy smile
superintendent of public schools Tony Bennett Republican
Elected by popular vote
Vows to make sure kids go ALL 180 days
Satan to all school children he runs the executive branch of government and is the head of the state
he is officially in command of the state's military
it is his responsibility to manage the state budget
changes what time I really wake up in the morning

does Becky really do anything? the answer is yes
she serves as the president of the state senate
she will vote in the event of a tie
Becky can perform "special duties" if Mitch needs her to
she sits on the board of state administration
if Micth dies, we meet Governor Skillman
Also, when Mitch is out of state or on a vacation, Becky serves as acting governor
the duties of Mr. Mustache Timmy's duties he is the chief financial officer for the state
accounts for all state funds
he overseas and distributes local government tax dollars
pays state bills
pays state employees
administrator to the Indiana Deferred Compensation Plan chief legal officer of the state
he tries to provide the best possible legal service to all state citizens
helps all 3 parts of the government: executive, judicial, and legislative
duties of Todd Rokita Todd is considered the second most powerful member of the exectuive branch
he certifies state elections
oversees state department of administration
he manages the state business services Money Mourdock invests state funds to maximize interest
he is chairman of the Wireless Enhanced 911 Board
chairman of Indiana's College Choice 529 Savings Plan
chairman of the Indiana Bond Bank
Trustee for Indiana State Police Pension fund the awful duties of Tony Tony makes us go to school way too many days
sets academic standards
worst enemy of Kaitlyn Janelle James
executive legislative judicial the lawmakers the state house of representatives has 100 members led by the speaker B. Patrick Bauer, a democrat. The democratic majority leader is Russ Stilwill, while the republican minority leader is Brian Bosma
the state senate has 50 members led by republican David C. Long (the president pro tempore) under the direction of Lt. Gov. Becky Skillman. Also, the democratic minority leader, Vi Simpson, resides in Bloomington.

what do the folks in the senate do? the state house representatives duties the Indiana supreme court the judicial branch includes the 5 supreme court justices for our state.
the justices have 10 year terms until they can seek retention of their office, however they must retire when they are old (75)
the 5 justices decide whether laws are constitutional
they decide upon major state court cases
Chief Justice Randall Terry Shepard Justice Shepard was appointed to the supreme court in 1985, and became Chief Justice in 1987
He is a Princeton graduate and attended the Yale School of Law
Justice Shepard is married and has 1 daughter

the senators have 4 year terms without limits
like the national senate, there are criteria that must be met to become a senator
the senate writes and passes bills that have an effect at the state level
a bill is passed by the senate with 26 votes
the senate also has several committees that deal with individual issues. They are listed here:

better know a state senator! John Waterman Senator Waterman represents the 39th district in the Indiana State Senate
that is where we live
John is a republican and has been in the senate since 1994
He previously served as the Sullivan County Sherriff from '86-'94
Waterman is married and has 6 children. WHOA!
better know a state rep! Sandy Blanton! Sandy represents the 62nd district in the state
most people in the area are in this district!
she has been in the State house since 2007 and previously worked as an accountant
she is an avid Jesus-person and attends Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church

Call for a good time!
1-317-232-9600 ...and the ugliest member of the Indiana government is........ ...the hottest member
of the Indiana
government is....... Dan Stevenson!!!! all bills about money must originate in the house
the house has 100 members

most house responsibilities are essentially the same as the senate for your pleasure http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkCNJRfSZBU Indiana government ends here Sources http://in.gov/
Hoosier Boys State Knowledge
Mr. Jeffrey Goodwin
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