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05.02 The Digestive System

No description

Yomely Diaz-Fernandez

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of 05.02 The Digestive System

Journal entry 6
I have been here for more than 24 hours. I have heard from friends that it takes 40 hours to exit this hell hole. I don't even feel like myself. I feel like a completely different person. This chemical digestion process wasn't easy. I have 16 more hours to go until I exit this place.
Journal entry 7
I have reached the end of my journey. What have I learned? The human body is not a friend of me. It tries to rid of me from Mr. Rodneys body. This is my last time writing here as I am minutes away from exiting this body as a completely different chemical. I am now a feces and I say farewell.
Journal entry 2
It's past midnight and I see Mr. Rodney coming our way. By the way, my names Nick. "Oh hello Mr. Rodney.... Okay, thanks for ignoring me". "WAIT! NO! What. Are. You. Doing. To. ME?!" (Gulp) What is this gooey mess. Is this what his mouth looks like? Is this saliva? Wow.. His mouth stinks of pepermint. I read this before, I think it's mechanical digestion.I feel so gooey now. I feel lubricated.
Journal entry 4
Journal entry 2 -Hour 1 - Baked
I'm a sugar molecule. I've been baked and dressed to look like a gingerbread man. How cliche, these people have no artistic ability. (sigh) They have left me out to rot! Don't they understand these other "so-called" ginerbread men are annoying. What exactly are they waiting for?
Life of a Christmas cookie
Journal entry 3
I am being pushed from pharynx to the esophagus. I feel like I am being pushed down the esophagus by the muscle contractions in the esohagus. The esophagus has acetycholine which allows muscles of the digestive organs to contract and push food. I feel this chemical pushed on me while through the esophagus. "Ouch!" I feel different substances sprayed on me. I must have triggered the nerves in the walls of the esophagus.
Journal entry 5
It's been a journey. I feel like its been days since I have entered the small intestine through the pyloric sphincter. It has been 5 hours only one more to go. I can't wait to leave, I have found only one way out. My next journey includes the large intestine to my exit.
Yomely Diaz-Fernandez
Anatomy and Physiology

I have reached the cardiac sphinter and I don't want to go down! This is going to be so painful because of the stomach acids.The stomach tries to use muscle contractions to break me down while the acids in the stomach, like hydrochloric acid, pepsin, and mucus. I can see the liquids that Mr.Rodney drank pass right through. I feel so different. I feel like a soupy liquid called chyme.
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