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4.06 Worlds Collide

No description

theresa burge

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of 4.06 Worlds Collide

Entry 1:
Motives Entry 2:
Encounters Entry 3:
Lasting Effects 4.06 Worlds Collide Were almost to North America! On this journey led by John Smith, we are to establish another English colony, and to find some gold and hopefully some silver as well. We are also expected to find a river route to the Pacific Ocean for a trade with Asia. I cannot wait to reach land and feel the solidness of the ground instead of the constant waving back and forth from the sea. During our journey, we stumbled in the Native Indians. Their skins are much darker than ours, they wear strange clothing, and they don't have guns, but instead they have bows and arrows. Extremely different from Europe. Although we had little to no problem trading things such as food, glass beads, and hawk bells, they killed some of our men and attacked our fort. Although we failed to find gold, our colony is growing. It's been 15 years since the expedition to North America. We established James Town in North America. Although many men have died during this expedition, Jamestown is still prospering. We failed at finding gold and silver. But instead we grew tobacco. The quest to find a river leading to Asia for trade was unsuccessful, but that did not stop the Virginia Company from being satisfied. Finally, I've gotten used to the strange Natives from which we have encountered and the different environment,
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