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No description

Kat Taylor

on 14 June 2016

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Transcript of STAR

STAR: Team 5, presenting
a marketing proposal for space travelers, business workers, and engineers.
October 25th, 2013

Company History
Founded in 2007 at the
Denver School of Science and Technology

Male: 54%
Female: 46%
Total: 22 employees

Company Interests
-Sports: 14 participants
-Music & Performing Arts: 8 participants
-Mock Trial: 3 participants
-National Honor Society: 5 participants
-Lockheed Martin Engineering Explorer Program: 6 participants
-Girl/Boy Scouts: 5 participants
Left: The first year we competed in BEST
Right: This year's company photo.
Robotics Seniority
First Year: 45.45%
Second Year: 36.36%
Third Year: 18.18%
STAR Project:
Design and Manufacturing

Our robot when we first started
Robot Sections
-Adjustable claw can pick up objects of varying sizes
-Arm can extend, retract and move vertically
-Base can turn continuously clockwise and counterclockwise
Sebastian's Benefits
Cost Effective
Many developed purposes

Ability to pick up objects of different sizes
Easy to operate
180 degree rotation
Has great traction and grip
Has been adopted by other engineering companies
(East High School Team 8
and South High School Team 6)
Claw at Prototype Stage
Building Claw
Finished Claw Product
(4th Claw Version)
Final Game Strategy
- One station per match
- Access from a distance
- Specialized drivers and spotters for different stations

- Maximize our scoring by placing the smallest amount of parts needed to build an 8-bit CPU
- Split up matches for each task needed

Building the Arm
Moves telescopically and vertically
Large range of vertical motion
Uses Igus EZ Energy Chain System®
-Can rotate 360° continuously
-Stabilizes arm
Base Prototype
How We Started
Designing Options
- Cardboard mockups
- Pros and Cons charts
- Voting for final design
Mock-ups and Decisions
Financially Stable
- STP grant- $500
- Community Donations- $431.37
- Quebec Square Dentistry- $500

Our BEST Sponsors
Generous Donations from:
Quebec Square Dentistry
Science and Tech Parent (STP) Group
Community Donations
Financial Data
$ 1,811.37
Building Supplies & Materials:
-$ 210.32
Field Element Supplies:
- $ 186.29
Kit Of Parts:
- $ 931.37
Lost or Damaged Item Replacement:
-$ 25.14
Office Supplies:
- $ 90.93
- $ 18.66
Snacks & Food:
-$ 53.35
Company Shirts:
-$ 462.00

Company Marketing and Outreach
Unique Safety Protocol Features
Safety Tests
Mentor Guidance and Monitoring
Mentor Monitoring
Slice of Pi Gala
Community Presentations
Donating to Another Company
In conjunction with East High School Team 8, we are in the process of donating some of our supplies to a start up robotics company (DSA Robotics).
Uses Media and Presentations to educate our community about our company and recruit new employees
STAR Delivers
-Dedicated employees who are passionate about the work we do!
STAR Delivers
-Robots that can be used for multiple purposes

Uses of Our Robot
-Manufacturing CPUs
-Clamps in space
-Standard robots completing basic tasks
-Mass manufacturing
STAR will be there!
Unique Aspects of Our Company
Company Organization
Safety Tests
Company Structure
Arm prototype
Arm Final Product
Base Building
Base Final
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