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Culturally Responsive Teaching

What are the Most Effective Methods to Integrate Culturally Responsive Teaching into a Middle School Classroom?

Tammy Melland

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Culturally Responsive Teaching

Culturally Responsive Teaching Student Interest What does it look like? Poor or no usage of CRT References Building Relationships • How do YOUR students learn?
• Collaboration and cooperative learning
• Parent involvement: Share goals Tammy Melland
EDMA 614 • Get to know your students
• Relate to daily lives
• Connect to ancestors
• Open communication Wrapping it up • High expectations for all
• Welcoming climate
• Interactive & engaging activities
• Sharing personal experiences • Disconnect to material = struggle
• Miscommunication
• Strengthen stereotypes
Examples----> Black, S. (2006). Diverse learners can blossom in culturally responsive classrooms: Respecting Differences. American School Board Journal, 34-37

Epstein, T., Mayorge, E., Nelson, J. (2011). Teaching about race in an urban history class: The effect of culturally responsive teaching. Journal of Social Studies Research. 35(1), 2-21

Gay, G. (2002). Preparing for Culturally Responsive Teaching. Journal of Teacher Education, 52(2), 106-116.

Teaching diverse learners: Culturally responsive teaching. The Education Alliance, 1-9

Ukpokodu, O. N. (2011). How do I teach mathematics in a culturally responsive way? Identifying empowering teaching practices. Multicultural Education, 19(3), 47-56.

Vavrus, M. (2008). Culturally responsive teaching. Good, TL (Ed.), 21, 49-57. "If Tamika has 10 lbs. of
cocaine and Danisha has
5 lbs. of cocaine, how many lbs.
of cocaine are there altogeher?" "Ten male Indians plus five
female Indians equals what?" • Positives:
- Improved student engagement
- Able to relate to content
- Ownership over learning • Negatives:
- Strengthen stereotypes
- Disconnect Further research:
- Observations
- Data
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