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The Treasure of Lemon Brown

No description

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of The Treasure of Lemon Brown

The Treasure of Lemon Brown:
Elements of Short Story

Greg Ridley, a student, is getting a bad grade in school and his father is not very happy about it.
Men are trying to steal Lemon Browns treasure with a kid helping him protect it.
Lemon Brown
Greg Ridley
Greg's father
Neighborhood thugs
Point of View
"The dark sky, filled with angry, swirling clouds, reflected Greg Ridley’s mood as he sat on the stoop of his building."
Third person
A kid named Greg Ridley, goes to an abandoned building and finds an old man. He helps the old man protect his treasure, or prized possession, before they share stories.
An old, abandoned tenement at night
 “You ain’t one of them bad boys looking for my treasure, is you?”
This is foreshadowing because it is hinting that people are going to try to steal Lemon Browns treasure.
 "Greg thought he heard the noise again. His stomach tightened as he held himself still and listened intently. "There weren’t any more scraping noises, but he was sure he had heard something in the darkness—something breathing!"
This is foreshadowing because it is hinting that there is something in the room.
“They sent back what he had with him over there, and what it was is this old mouth fiddle and these clippings."
The old mouth fiddle and the clippings symbolize Jesse's love towards Lemon Brown.
Greg Ridley has flashbacks about the lecture his father gave him about his bad grade.
Lemon Brown had a flashback of when he sang the blues to get money for his family.
Quote: “They used to call me Sweet Lemon Brown. They used to say I sung the blues so sweet that if I sang at a funeral, the dead would commence to rocking with the beat."
Quote: "That was my treasure, and when I give it to him he treated it just like that, a treasure."
Everybody has a treasure so appreciate what you have.
Lemon Brown
Abandoned Building
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