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Dianne Deato

on 28 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

1. Guaranteed Reservation
– assures the guest that the hotel will hold a room until a specific time of the day following the guest’s scheduled arrival date.
reservation inquiry
is the process where the reservations agent collects information about the guest’s stay.
reservation record
identifies guests and their occupancy needs before the guests’ arrival.
reservation confirmation
means that the hotel acknowledged and verified a guest’s room request and personal information by telephoning, faxing, or mailing a letter of confirmation.
Popular reservations management reports include:

1. Reservation transactions report:
Summarizes daily reservations activity in terms of reservation record creation, modification, and cancellation.

2. Commission agent report:
Agents with contractual agreements may be owed commissions for business booked at the property.

3. Turnaway report (or refusal report):
Tracks the number of reservation requests refused because rooms were not available for the requested dates.

4. Revenue forecast report:
Projects future revenue by multiplying predicted occupancies by applicable room rates.

Kasavana, M. L., & Brooks, R. M. (2005). Managing Front Office Operations. Educational Institute American Hotel & Lodging.

Some lectures in FRONOP1

Hotel Reservation
What is Reservation?
* Conducting the reservation inquiry

* Determining room and rate availability

* Creating the reservation record

* Confirming the reservation record

* Maintaining the reservation record

* Producing reservation reports
Activities Involved In Reservation
Types of Reservation
1. Reservation Inquiry
3. Reservation Record
4. Reservation Confirmation
5. Reservation Reports
Basic Phraseologies
2. Non-Guaranteed Reservations
– the hotel agrees to hold a room for the guest until a stated reservation cancellation hour (usually 6pm) on the day of arrival.

is the process that involves matching room requests with room availabilities; recording, confirming, and maintaining reservations; and producing management reports.
Prepayment, Credit Card, Advance Deposit, Travel Agent, Voucher or MCO, Corporate
The Reservation Process
Reservation requests can be made:
- In person
- Over the telephone
- In the mail
- Central Reservation System (CRS)
- Intersell agency
Information that need to be collected:
- Guest’s name
- Address
- Telephone number
- Company or travel agency name
- Date of arrival and departure
- Type and number of rooms
2. Reservation Availability
When a property receives a reservation inquiry, it is important to
compare the data with previously processed reservations
. Processing a reservation request results in one of the responses:
- Accept the reservation as requested

- Suggest alternative room types, dates, and/or rates

- Suggest an alternative hotel
Guest Data include:
- Guest name
- Guest’s home or billing address
- Guest’s telephone number
- Guest's company name, address, and tel no.
- Number of people in the party
- Arrival date and time
- Number of nights or expected departure date
- Reservation type
- Special requirements
- Additional information as needed
Request approved! :-)
Mrs. Chuchi Alcoseba
Proper Phraseologies in
Phone Reservation
“How many people in your party?”
“Are you a member of frequent stay program?”
“When are you planning to stay with us?”
“Have you stayed with us before?”
“Do you prefer a non-smoking room?”
“What is your estimated time of arrival?”
“What credit card would you like to use?”
“Can I have your flight details?”
“Let me reverify this information for you.”
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