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World History Project

This is your first nine weeks project.

Coach Allen

on 28 August 2018

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Transcript of World History Project

World History Project
Mr. Allen
The purpose behind this project is to allow you a chance to go deeper into an area of history that you enjoy. You will need to pick a topic that fits into the timeline of our first nine weeks. Your topic can be anything as long as it fits into that time period.
This project is designed to give you freedom to decide how you want to report your knowledge. You can choose between a 3 or more page essay or a 20 or more framed PowerPoint/Prezi/Google Slides.
Things that you must have for your project.
a reference page
Everything should be in APA or MLA format. (size, citations, and reference page) http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/
Things must be turned in on time.
When things are due?
Topic is due before you leave today.
Reference page with 6 sources must be emailed or hard copy turned in on Friday, September 7.
Finished product is due on Wednesday September 26, by email, google drive or hard copy turned in during that day.
Must have 6 sources.
Only 2 can be from a website.
Remaining should come from journal articles or books.
Galileo password: newscast
Requirements for the PowerPoint.
At least 3 complete sentences displayed on each slide. This should include both facts and narrative points. The presentation should flow. (20 Frames)
10 images that enhance the presentation.
Bibliography ( this is added to the 20 slides)
Cite information that is not yours. This will include almost all facts.
Paper requirements
Information must be accurate.
Must have 3 pages, Doubled-spaced, 1 inch margins.
Sources must be cited.
Title page
APA or MLA (only one)
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