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Exotic Animal Trainer

I describe to the class the requirements of being an exotic animal trainer. 2013

Lauren Morris

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Exotic Animal Trainer

In the end, I think that being an exotic animal trainer would be a very fun job that I'd be glad to go to work to every day. Job Description EXOTIC ANIMAL TRAINER This job includes training marine animals, like dolphins, whales, and seals or land animals, such as bears, lions, elephants and monkeys. The main goal is for these animals to be used to human voice and touch. Some extras include grooming and monitoring the health of the animals you train. Education/Training You are required to have a bachelor's degree in animal science, animal psychology, zoology, or a similar field that will provide you with knowledge needed about the habits and needs of various animals. Though some places will hire you if you have just a high school diploma. You must also be confident in public speaking, have CPR certification, and a SCUBA license if you work with marine animals. So, in summary, hands-on experience is required. Employment Outlook Most people train animals in the entertainment industry. This includes, circuses, film and television productions, zoos, and theme parks. Workers at zoos usually have a stable work location as opposed to circuses, which are constantly traveling. Today, in the training industry, statistics say that trainers will increase 23% in the next ten years. Advancement Possibilities Advancement in animal training is often the training of more animals. You can move up by training more valuable animals. Trainers with good social skills could end up as supervisors, while others may open their own business. Some may need to take business classes for this step. Working Conditions Each individual animal and species is different so the hours you would work vary greatly. Also, depending on the animal, decides where you'll be working. (Ex. Marine animal=water) Another variable depends on whether your job moves consistently, as stated in my other slide (Circus) Salary Exotic animal trainers can be payed up to $56 an hour, while the minimum pay can be as low as $10. Regular pay is $300 a day for an 8 hour day. This averages to about $40 an hour. Benefits If you are an apprentice, you are a volunteer learning to become a trainer. You get a weekly compensation of $100, the occasional use of an insured company vehicle, and a place to stay. Some places provide vacation time, sick time, life insurance, tuition reimbursement, and sometimes free admission to where you may work. Conclusion
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