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Marina Abramovic

Performance artist

Michele Robinson

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Marina Abramovic

Marina Abramovic The Artist is Present Works Imponderabilia AAA AAA "What makes it art?" Legacy Grandmother of Performance Art The Artist is Present Born 1946 in Yugoslavia performer & audience
edges of the body
possibilities of the mind MoMA - March til May 2010
Questions repeatability
Simplicity of communication “In the seventies, we believe in no repetition, O.K., but now is a new century, and without reperformance all you will leave the next generation is dead documents and recordings. Martha Graham also didn’t want her dances reinterpreted by other choreographers. I think it is selfish of the artist not to let her work have its own life.” She has screamed until she lost her voice, danced until she collapsed, and brushed her hair until her scalp bled. In an early piece, she ingested anti-psychotic drugs that caused temporary catatonia. She and Ulay traded hard slaps, hurled themselves at solid walls, and passed a breath back and forth, with locked lips, until they fainted. He pointed an arrow at her heart as she tensed the bow. These performances were works of dynamic sculpture, with a formal rigor and beauty. What makes it art? Context and intention, she said: “The sense of purpose I feel to do something heroic, legendary, and transformative; to elevate viewers’ spirits and give them courage. If I can go through the door of pain to embrace life on the other side, they can, too.” http://www.pippinbarr.com/games/theartistispresent/TheArtistIsPresent.html
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