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Ben Burow-Flak`s Prezi

No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of Ben Burow-Flak`s Prezi

Plot Continued
-Tom lives with Aunt Polly and his brother Sid. He attends school and church.
-The "Haunted House" is where Injun Joe finds the chest of money.
-Huck lives with his dad, the town drunkard, and does not attend school.
-Becky is Judge Thatcher`s daughter who is visiting. Tom likes her.
-Aunt Polly takes care of Tom and Sid.
-Judge Thatcher is the town judge who people look up to.
-Joe Harper is Tom`s friend, who sits by him at school.
-Injun Joe, who is a robber, stabs Dr, Robinson dead. Joe dies by getting crushed in a cave.
-Aunt Polly`s house is where Tom and Sid live.
-The graveyard is where Tom witnesses Injun Joe stab Dr. Robinson.
-The schoolhouse is where Tom goes to school.
-The court room is where Tom testifies against Injun Joe.
-The cave is where Tom and Huck find the treasure
-Jackson Island is where Tom, Huck and Joe run away to play pirates.
-Tom Sawyer lives with his half-brother Sid and his Aunt Polly in Hannibal, Missouri
slightly before the Civil War.
-Tom Sawyer gets his friends to whitewash his fence for him and to pay him for a chance.
-Tom Sawyer goes to school, meets Becky Thatcher, and soon falls in love with her.
-Tom and Huck sneak out at night and go to the graveyard, where they see Dr. Robinson, Injun Joe, and Muff Potter robbing a grave. Injun Joe stabs Dr. Robinson and makes it look like Muff Potter killed him. Injun Joe escapes during the trial.
-Tom, Huck, and Joe Harper pretend that they are pirates and run away to Jackson Island. The townspeople think that they are dead. Tom shows up at his own funeral after first hearing all the good things that people say about him.
-Tom and Huck go treasure hunting in a house that they think is haunted.They hear Muff Potter and Injun Joe downstairs. Injun Joe and Muff Potter find a chest of gold under the floorboards and take it with them.
-Tom visits a cave when he is on a picnic with Becky Thatcher and her friends. He finds Injun Joe passed out in part of the cave. He goes back to the cave later with Huck. Tom and Huck find the treasure.
Plot Continued Again
-Tom and Huck take the treasure. They get six thousand dollars apiece, which Judge Thatcher invests and protects for them. Injun Joe gets trapped under some rock and dies.
from 1876 version
painting of Tom`s friends whitewashing the fence
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
Ben Burow Flak`s Prezi on
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