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The Hunger Games Scene Analysis

Presentation for EDIT 6500E

Chantelle Quintana

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of The Hunger Games Scene Analysis

Scene of Analysis
The Hunger Games
Director: Gary Ross
Shot #3
Effie Trinket asks Katniss if that was her sister she volunteered for
Katniss Everdean's emotion after volunteering for her sister Primrose
Shot #5
Effie Trinket announces her famous lines "And may the odds be ever in your favor..."
The Hunger Games
Scene Analysis

Shot #2
Shot #1
Effie Trinket announces who is being chosen for the annual Hunger Games from District 12
Shot #4
Effie Trinket announces the two tributes from District 12, insisting they shake hands
This Very Long Shot (VLS) of Effie helps establish the setting for the scene, which is in front of the Justice Building in District 12
Focus of shot is drawn to Effie due to her bright ensemble, which we later learn is representative of the lavish lifestyle the Capitol lives in comparison to the miners living in District 12 (symbolic of wealth inequality)
Audio is mostly quiet with subtle natural noises behind Effie's announcement... sets a serious tone
This Close Up Shot (CU) allows the audience to see the emotion Katniss is feeling, which in essence helps the viewer feel the disbelief and shock she is experiencing
Although not the focus of he shot, the face of the Peacemaker on the right of the frame helps keep the shot serious and the glimpse of Primrose being taken away in the background adds to the heavy emotion being displayed in this frame on Katniss' face
Katniss was not given much headroom in this frame, which is one of the downsides to the CU shot
The audio consisted of screams from Primrose, which contributed to the emotional scene of tribute selection in District 12

This Long Shot (LS), just like the previous CU shot, evokes the heavy emotion Katniss is feeling... however, in this shot it is shown through her body language and stature
This shot also re-displays Effie's lavishness through her ensemble and her body language indicates her authority in relation to Katniss
The low angle used here allows viewers to feel as though they are witnessing this event with the people in the crowd
Very little use of audio... only sound from Effie speaking into microphone, which again shows the seriousness of the scene and the discontent the people in attendance have for what is going on
This Big Close Up (BCU) shot allows viewers to get an up close and personal look at Effie Trinket
The shot displays the happy expression Effie has toward the Hunger Games and allows the audience to see the intricate details of her Capitol attire, such as the pink earrings, eyelashes, hair, and makeup
This Medium Long Shot (MLS) allows audience to get better look at two tributes from District 12
Since all three are stationary, the cut for this frame was made above the knee since no movement would be occurring
The shot allows us to somewhat make out facial expressions on the characters (Peeta and Katniss not enthused and Effie wanting more out of them)
Audio only from Effie, which like most of the shots, indicates her authority in the situation, but the disgust everyone else feels
The use of the various shots and simple audio in this scene allows the audience to get a sense of what the Hunger Games means to the people of District 12 as well as the Capitol (through the eyes of Effie). Overall, it sets a serious tone that helps us better understand why it was such a big deal for Katniss to take her sister's place. The shots also help us feel the emotions of Katniss, which allows us to better empathize with her (Peeta as well).

This scene advances the story by displaying the two tributes who will represent District 12 in the annual Hunger Games. Since it does a good job at connecting the audience, it also hooks the audience to continue watching so they can see if these characters they empathize with will make it out alive
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