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Hillary Clinton Social Media Plan:

No description

Alyssa Potter

on 16 November 2016

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Transcript of Hillary Clinton Social Media Plan:

Background (Titles)
Attended Wellesley College from 1965-69; majored in political science
Attended Yale Law School from 1969-1973
Met Bill Clinton there
Hillary the Activist
Co-founded Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families
Led the U.S. Delegation
Hillary's Challenges
Lack of male voters
Not much discussion about gun violence, despite it being a major point of contention
Focuses more on women's and kids rights and equality rather than issues such as infrastructure, etc.
Goals for Social Media Campaign
To increase Hillary Clinton's overall social media presence
To increase the usage of visuals through YouTube, Instagram, Twitter
To increase her 25-65 year old audience on social networks
The Issues:
Where Does Hillary Stand?
Hillary Clinton Social Media Plan:
LGBT Rights
Women's Rights and Opportunities
Voting Rights
Racial Discrimination
Social Security and Healthcare
And so many, many more...
Target Audience
American Citizens from 25-65
Especially males-- really needs to target males based off the issues
Current Environment
Facebook- for donations, reposting other messages, asking for volunteers/supporters
Twitter- for personal views on specific issues
Instagram- for interactions with people about her personal life
Snapchat- for day-in-the-life of Hillary Clinton on campaign
Pintrest- for selling apparel
Measurable Objectives
To increase Clinton's social media presence, followers, likes, retweets, etc. by 50% by November 2016
To increase the usage of visuals through YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, by 50% June of 2016
To increase her 25-45 year old audience on Social Networks by 35% by June of 2016
To increase the amount of Snapchat stories posted by Hillary about Hillary the person by 10 snap stories per week
Who is Hillary?
Hillary Clinton
is a fairly moderate, down to earth liberal who has cared about America as the
Secretary of State
Senator of New York
First Lady of the US
Now she's ready to care about America as the
President of the United States
Specific Language
Calendar -- Important Events
Key Phrases:
Fighting for us
Hillary for America
The following is a link to the important events in the 2016 Democratic Presidential Election:
Use endorsers to expand social media presence
Make Hillary more relatable on all social media accounts, especially Snapchat and Instagram
Make Hillary more appealing to people ages 18-65 ex. make more of a connection with young adults, but stop trying to 'be' a young adult
Post less; make them more meaningful
Less reposting; more original content
Less wordy
More visual content
Here is an example:
Continue to add more about personal life
Add more about family since she talks so much about it
Less text, more visual
Shorten stories
Make it more personal
Share YouTube videos to other social media platforms
Whereas with a staff, more content has the ability to be posted more often although it is less personal.
Pros of Hillary Clinton running own social media campaign:
More personal
True sense of who Hillary is as a person
Less Biased
Cons of Hillary Clinton running own social media campaign:
Could look foolish
Tries to be "hip"
First goal- To increase SM presence by 50% by Nov.; we plan to do that month-by month and reach that goal by Nov.
Second goal- To increase visuals on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube by 50% by June; by increasing usage of visuals on these platforms, lead to increase on these platforms
Third goal- To increase 25-45 yr old audience by 35% by June; 25-45 yr olds tend to be on SM more-- leading to increase in followers, etc.
Fourth goal- To increase the personal Snapchat stories by Hillary by 10 per wk; make stories more often, more personal, and by Hillary
5.53 M followers
Followers Unknown
39,448 subscribers
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