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Human Impact on Ecosystems

No description

Paris Sun

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Human Impact on Ecosystems

Just at a Glance
--- Human Impact on Ecosystem by Paris
What is Logging?
As we all know, logging is the process in which trees are felled (cut down) usually as part of a timber harvest.
Environmental impact assessments of logging operations in a number of different countries.
- Papua New Guinea
- Solomon Islands
- Cameroon

destructive logging practices using heavy machinery seriously reduce the forest's ability to carry out vital environmental and ecological functions
Timber is harvested to supply raw material for the wood products industry.
- logs for sawmills
- pulp wood for the pulp
- paper industry
http://wwf.panda.org/about_our_earth/about_forests/deforestation/forest_illegal_logging/ - definition
Impact of Logging
Trees are removed
Habitat loss
The capture capacity of soil
The structure of the forest
--- Butterfly effect
no more photosynthesis
decrease in foliage
alter specie composition
loss of biodiversity
soil erosion
nutrient&water loss in soil
unsuitable for certain species
degraded environment
increased CO2
climate change
ie.global warming
change participation
prolonged drought
run off
debris into water system
change in stand structure of trees
increased albedo
stronger wind
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