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Project for World History

Lizbeth Rangel

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Islam

Abraham The Life of Muhammad Spread of Islam Core Beliefs & Practices Allah Early Life: Abraham went with his mother to visit his dad's grave Yathrib, on the way back his mother got sick and died. He was raised by his grandfather, a respected leader in the community. When Muhammad's grandfather died, he was forced to work as a shepherd and live with his uncle. Muhammad lived a simple life with simple things. This is why he fasted and meditated a lot. The Split of the Religion into 2 Factions Muhammad learned the rudiments of statecraft
from his grandfather. Abraham is known as Ibrahim by the Islamic people. His son, Isma'il is the father of the Arab people. Bibliography: http://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/religions/islam/ Muslims have 6 main beliefs: Angels Prophets Judgement Day & Predestination Ibrahim was not Christian, Jewish, or
Muslim. He was just a believer of one God. To the Muslim people, Ibrahim was a friend of God and
a very important prophet! To the Jewish people, Abraham was the first patriarch and the first person to
teach that there is only one true God. To Christians, Abraham is an old testament figure. Jesus,
descendant of Abraham, is more important to Christians because he died on the cross for our sins. It has been said Abraham is the connecting
point for 3 religions: Islam, Judaism, & Christianity. http://www.whyislam.org/ The

Pillars of Islam: Iman/Faith Salah/Prayer Zakah Sawm/Fasting Hajj/ Pilgrimage Belief in the Oneness of God (Allah) and
the finality of the Prophethood
of Muhammad (pbuh) Establishment of the 5 daily prayers Zakah is giving back to God. Muslims
give 2.5% of their capital back to those
in need and society in general. Along with Zakah, Muslims can also choose to give Sadaqah- It is "voluntary charity." Self purification through the month of Ramadan. Muslims, begining at puberty (sometimes earlier), fast from dawn until sundown. During this time they give up: food, drink, and sexual relations with their spouses. It is important for every Muslim to take a pilgrimage to Mecca during the 12th month of the Islamic lunar calendar. When in Mecca.. A Muslim wears simple clothing (so they stand equally before God)
A Muslim goes around the Ka'bah 7x
A Muslim travels between the hills of Safa and Marwa 7x
A Muslim stands with other Muslims on the plains of 'Arafat
A Muslim joins in prayer for God's forgiveness &
A Muslim participates in Eid al Adha (prayers and exchange of gifts in Muslim communties) Allah Islamic word for God
There is only one true God
No one is equal to Allah
Allah is for everyone
Allah has no image
He is needless and independant Islam By: Lizbeth Rangel Enjoy! Angels Are creations of God
HAVE to worship God; they don't have an option
Have certain duties
Do not need: food, water, or material things
Do not have physical desires &
Can not be seen by the naked eye Prophets All are believed, along with messengers
Are not to be discriminated
The Quran names 25 prophets and states that there are others
The main ones prophets: Ibraham (Abraham), Dawus (David), Musa (Moses), Isa (Jesus), & Muhammmed. Day of Judgement The world will come to an end
The dead will rise up and be equals to the living
Those that believe in life after death will try their hardest to not disobey Allah
Good people go into Paradise
Bad people go into Hell
It is not known when the Day of Judgement will be Predestination One can make their own decisions
God ultimately decides ones life
One is to praise Him regardless Why Islam spread rapidly:
Islam is simple- One God & He decides, accepting of everyone, & God was for everyone ' '07 The Quran is the Islamic holy book. There are 114 chapters in it.
The Quran is written in an old Arabic dialect.
The Quran is treated with HUGE respect.
& Because it is recited aloud, many Muslims memorize the Quran. Holy Cities-
Karbala &
Najaf http://www.religionfacts.com/islam/index.htm Grand Mosque: A Holy Site Ka'ba It is not worshipped
It is a unifying point among Muslims
During daily prayer, Muslims face it
During Hajj, Muslims walk around it counterclockwise 7x http://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/religions/islam/subdivisions/sunnishia_1.shtml The Sunni The Shiite There was the question of who takes over after Muhammad's death WHY? Follow the fundamentals of Islam
Quran is their Holy Book
Muslims who believe that Abu Bakr should have been the Prophet's successor
means 'one who follows the Sunnah'
Believe Muhammad was the final prophet
The largest group of Muslims - approx. 85%
Pray 5x a day
Not a heirarchy
Know the fundamentals of Islam
The Quran is their Holy Book
Muslims who believe Ali should be Muhammad's successor
Shiite is a contraction of 'Shiat Ali', meaning 'partisans of Ali'
Believe Muhammad was the final prophet
Have always maintained that the Prophet's family are the rightful leaders of the Islamic world
The smaller group of Muslims- 15%
Shi'a practice permits combining some prayers into 3 daily prayer times as opposed to 5
Heirarchy Created 4 schools in 7th and 8th century Scholars were to find Islamic solutions to all sorts of moral and religious questions in any society, regardless of time or place The solutions found are still used today. Fun Fact! is 90% Shiite Muslim Influence of Islam Today... UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Since 9/11, Muslims have been highly discriminated in America Don't be ignorant, they're just people This is a hijab NOT a death threat.. ...that wear hijabs. This is a mosque Islamic place of worship -------- -----> "She doesn't even go here!"
Most Muslims are still overseas. APPLAUD In 610, during one of his cave retreats, Muhammad was called upon by the angel Gabriel Muhammad accepted his calling and continued to recieve messages from Allah 619 CE Year of Sadness
His wife and uncle die
Muslims were harassed
He was run out of Taif
622 CE Bye-Bye
Muslim property in Mecca is seized
Meccans plan to assasinate Muhammad
624-627 CE This is War
Meccan tribes attempted to destroy the Muslims
Battle of Badr
Battle of Uhud
Battle of the Trench
632 CE Muhammad dies Muhammad's Life Challenges- http://islam.about.com/od/muhammad/tp/bio_muhammad2.htm
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