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Immigration Prezi

A prezi on immigration.

Liam Donovan

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Immigration Prezi

It took about one month to travel to the United States The Journey of Ellen Gaffey Flynn, My Great-Grandmother My great-great-grandmother was born in a homestead near Aahgad, which is a small village in County Roscommon, Ireland. The county is located in the northwestern part of Ireland. Immigrants typically settled around their port of entry. My great-great-grandmother, however, took a different path. Soon after arriving in New York, she moved to Boston, where she reconnected and married Bernad Igo, whom she knew from her home county in Ireland. They had three children, but Mr. Igo died in the early 1890s. Total Irish Immigration One fun fact about the Irish is that Halloween origanated with the Irish holiday of Samhain, a harvest festival held on October 31 to mark the end of summer, and was associated with All Saints' Day (November 1) during the Middle Ages and the two merged over the centuries. A few contributions to America from the Irish are the card game 45 and St. Patrick's Day. My great-great-grandmother saw no future as a farmer's wife, because Ireland was very poor at the time and there was very little economic opportunity.

So she decided to move to America. She traveled to the west coast of Ireland and boarded a "coffin ship" bound for America.

The journey took about two weeks and conditions were terrible. All "coffin ships" were very crowded and many people died on the way across the Atlantic. The ship that carried my great-great-grandmother landed in New York.

Coffin ships were the boats that carried immigrants across the Atlantic Ocean. They were known for being overcrowded this caused many diseases on board the vessel. To make ends meet after the death of her first husband, Ellen opened her house to borders. One of her borders was a man named John Flynn, who was a recent immigrant from Waterford, Ireland. He was the first person in his family to immigrate to America. Once here, he saved his money to help bring his family across to America one by one. His first job was a as a ditch digger on the Boston subway system. That's all folks. Thanks for watching! The county in Ireland where my great-great-grandmother lived. The Story of How Ellen Gaffey Flynn Came to America By Liam Donovan Due Date: 12/4/2012 The journey of my great-great-grandmother is not unusual, in fact millions of Irish people immigrated to America for economical reasons.
They left lives with no possibility for a possibility economic success and created a bright future for themselves and their descendants.
They were driven by the "American Dream" of a clean house, running water, and other things inaccessible to them in Ireland. My great-great-grandmother had three siblings: Katherine (already in America), James, and Patrick. She was about 20 when she immigrated to America. Through out her life, my great-great-grandmother had little trouble finding and holding a job. When my great-great-grandmother died, she had nine children, a nice two family home, and American citizenship. This is the homestead where my great-great-grandmother was born. My great-great-grandmother was sponsored by her older sister, Katherine, to come to the US. Sponsors had to already be US citizens.

When Ellen Gaffey first arrived to the US, she a lived with her sister for a little while in Oyster Bay, NY, which was located relatively close to her port of entry. From here, she struck out on her own. This is a Map of total Irish settlement in the US He and Ellen fell in love, and they married around 1895. They had five children: Ned, Margaret, Mary, Ellen, and Ann. Ellen was my great grandmother. My brother Jack was named after John Flynn.

He eventually became a conductor on Boston's trolleys. John Flynn was 89, when he died in 1961. Ellen Gaffey died in 1939 of heart failure at the age of 73.
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