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English4callcenters .com

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of Relationship

Mental training
Practice with your coach your mental training and if you want watch the motivational video.
"I have the control"
"I am a champion"
"I speak with energy"

Watch video 2
Fluency and diet practice
Work in pairs and practice the questions.
What are your plans for your next trip?

What did you last night?

What is your work availability?
Grammar review
Practice the chart with your coach and make sentences.
After this class you will be able to:
Talk about different activities that couples do.

Learn different type of vocabulary.

Retell stories.
Warm up
What is a common reason why couples break up?

What kind of influence do social networks have in relationships?

In your opinion, is age difference important in a couple?

Work in pairs and answer the following questions below.
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Work in couples, just to talk about the topic.
Role play
Role 1.
A: You confess to your best friend that you want more that a friendship.

B: You are surprised and answer...
Choose a role and act creatively.
Role 2.

A: You have to break up with your partner.

B: You act normal then...
Video technique
Watch the video and retell the story.
Compare images
Work in couples, analyze both images and talk about the differences.
Build a story
Create a story, change the idea of it as you go on.

My best love story is when I ....
Wrap up
Pair up and discuss what happened from the beginning of the class until now
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