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Hot Tub Cinema

No description

Mark Jasper

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Hot Tub Cinema

Après Events
Après is French for partaking in an '
after activity

Après Events will host experiences in the popular ski resort of Val Thorens in France. The main event we shall be holding is
'Hot Tub Wednesdays'
In this section we will look at Porters Five Forces framework and SWOT.

UN figures suggest that France had more foreign visitors than any other country in 2012 (BBC 2013)
83 million visitors
$645.80 spent per head

In this section we will look at; Globalization, Global Forces, SLEPT (Local Forces/Cultural Factors) and Rationale
Bradley, F. 2004. International marketing strategy. New York: Prentice Hall.
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Drivers of globalisation – Doole & Lowe (2012) (Adapted for Apres Events)
Global Forces
Local Forces
Porters Five Forces
In this section we will look at; Core, Tangible, Augmented and Potential.
Core Aspect
Potential Aspect
Augmented Aspect
T-shirt giveaway/shop
Food and drink
Temperature of hot tub
Colour scheme

“Tub service”
After sales service via Facebook and twitter
Website for purchasing
Marketing materials such as videos and images
Themed nights (Halloween)
“Hot Tub Speed Dating”
More than one night a week
Merchandise can be sold online
Marketing support is the easiest to adapt

Thank You

Hot Tub Cinema
Established event based in London
Held in warehouses and on rooftops across the city
Awarded “World’s best ski resort” in 2013 at the World Ski Awards
Open to more unusual events such as spending an evening in a Yurt paragliding, ice driving etc.
Val Thorens - France
Social involvement
Perceived luxury
Sense of relaxation
Unique experience

Tangible Aspect
- People in different cultures react differently to services
- High set up cost
- Difficulty adapting the product to a global market
- Constrained by qualifications, work experience and licensing

Après events will be providing a service internationally

- New audience
- Gives high control of service = high quality
- Boost for local economy
- Previous knowledge of how to run the event
- Unique service to that nation
Movement of Natural Persons

Why Val Thorens?

“A youthful resort that’s not only for the young!”
To encourage everyone to celebrate the magic of mountain play

Mode of
Market Entry
'Direct Exporting'

Exert more influence
Gives more control
Improved feedback

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