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Airport - 53633

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Your Prezis

on 27 July 2016

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Transcript of Airport - 53633

plovdiv airport
i. location
ii. The catchment area
iii. airport key features
IV. Eastern gate to europe
V. Competitive logistic sector
Fasten your seat belts!
The catchment area of plovdiv airport
almost there!
Thank you for flying with us!
II. The catchment area
Catchment area means means a geographical market that is generally located within
about 100 km or about 60 minutes away by car, bus, train or high-speed train
1. location
Plovdiv Airport has a unique set of ingredients to become a major European cargo hub
- existing airport is located out of the congested EU airspace–
- all major EU destinations are reachable within 3 hours by plane and 24 hours by truck
- land available for expansion
- the airport has highway and high-speed railway connections
- 1 runway 2,500 long, 45m wide
- Low landing fees
- can start flexible 24h cargo and customs operations today
iii. airport key features
IV. Eastern gate to europe
All EU members can be reached in: 3 hours by plane 1) or
a little over 24 hours 2)by truck.
These specifics make Plovdiv ideal for a major European logistics hub.
1) Based on 800 km/h ground speed 2) Based on speed limits and possible routing Due to routing, it takes 38:58 hours from Plovdiv to Lisbon and 35:16 to Helsinki
V. Competitive logistic sector
Bulgaria has the lowest shipping charges in the region
- 5% logistics of the GDP
- 18.000 logistics companies
- 14.000 logistics employees
Mr. Vladimir Zaykov

+359 88 55 03 766

1) Total labor cost of enterprises with 10 or more employees 2) Price for domestic consumers excluding taxes and levies, average of first half year of 2014
Additional tax incentives: 5% withholding tax
on dividends and liquidation quotas
(0% for EU tax residents);
Equipment imports for projects
over EUR 5M exempted from
VAT for 2 years;
Opportunity for
deduction of
R&D costs
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