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Hero's Journey: The Giver

No description

Matt J

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Hero's Journey: The Giver

Hero's Journey: The Giver
Call to Adventure
Refusal to the Call
Crossing the Threshold
The Ordinary World
The Ordeal
By Terry Jung, Matt Johannesen, and Hamzah Abbas
Jonas lives in a community of Sameness, where the choices are made for the citizens. At the age of 12 they receive assignments, which are chosen by the Elders. From birth, the children were watched and an assignment that best fitted them was chosen.

At the Ceremony, where Twelves receive their assignments, Jonas is elected to be the Receiver of Memory.
What is the Receiver of Memory?
The Receiver of Memory is the holder of all memories. This allows citizens to take care of their own business without having to worry about the past. This assignment is very honoring, but at times can be extremely painful.
Jonas becomes afraid of his Assignment when he is told that he has to be separate from the rest of the Community, and that he will undergo lots of pain.
With Every Assignment comes a set of rules. Jonas' rules had some that were different than those of others. Here are some examples:
You are exempted from rules governing rudeness
You may not discuss your training
You may not share dreams
You may not apply for medication related to your work or for Release
You are allowed to lie
Jonas's mentor is the Receiver of Memory. The Receiver, also known as the Giver of Memory, is getting old and needs a successor. He had one 10 years before, but she failed.
Who was the Receiver that failed 10 years ago?
Her name was Rosemary. She did well in the beginning, but after 4 weeks she asked for a painful memory. The Giver was reluctant to, but he gave her the memories of loneliness and hunger. She was overwhelmed by them, and applied for Release. When she was Released, her memories, good and bad, were transmitted throughout the community. To prevent this from happening again, Jonas' rules restricted him from applying for release.
Jonas begins seeing in color, which no one else in the community can do (besides the Giver), and knows more about the world than the others in his community. He is beginning to learn that there is more to the world than others can see.
Jonas asks to see a recording of a Release. After discovering that it is, in fact, murder via poison, he feels that emotion is valuable beyond belief, and that Sameness should be abolished once and for all.
Jonas experiences countless memories, both enjoyable and painful. Whenever the Giver is feeling frustrated and in pain, Jonas pleads to take the troubling memory from him and suffer through it himself. At the end of each session, however, the Giver always provides a happy and peaceful memory, in order to even out all the wrong things Jonas had seen that day.
Jonas has many memories from the Giver. He learns about Rosemary, the previous Reciever-in-training. As he talks with the Giver one day, they make a plan for the community to no longer maintain Sameness. Once the Giver dies, all his memories will be spread to everyone in the community. Meanwhile, Jonas will be Elsewhere, so there will be no one to officially receive the memories.
The Reward
Jonas travels out of his community to find a place that exists only in his memories. As he treks across the landscape, he discovers wildlife, which was proclaimed in the community to be imaginary. Jonas' journey is long, however, and he begins to feel weary. He knows that he must keep going in order to reach his goal, so he tries to move on.

As Jonas's strength slowly diminishes, he finds a sled on a hill. He remembers his first memory, a sled ride, and climbs on. As he slides down, he feels happy and refreshed. At the end of his ride, he sees the colorful lights of a Christmas tree through a window. He knows he has finally found his destination: Elsewhere.
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