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AHE 576 Diversity Survey Results

No description

Steve Bridges

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of AHE 576 Diversity Survey Results

AHE 576 Diversity Survey Results
McClain says:
McClain continues:
Did I ever tell you the Sarge was a practicing Zoroastrian? Here we have 6 responses for Too Little and 7 for About Right.
You know it's a spectrum, right kid?
6 Too Little, 7 About Right
Grab the K-9 Unit and Let's get back to HQ
No, Rookie, Macklemore doesn't count.
8 Too Little, 5 About Right
Sarge says: You're on the Case!
Finally, we got 8 out of 14 people who reported receiving Diversity Training. And hey, 6 of those folks said it was helpful.

Some wiseguy put in "Maybe", so let's count that survey criminal as half a yes. That makes 81% finding it helpful.

Time to wrap up this investigation. I'll leave the paperwork to you.
McClain sips on a styrofoam coffee cup...
Your partner, McClain says:
Hey Rook, don't worry, Sarge rides everyone's tail their first day on the beat. Now let's get on this investigation.

Looking at these surveys, the respondents were supposed to tell us if they thought folks at their work discussed diversity on certain topics Too Much, About Right, or Too Little.

Now, let's see which topics they say are talked about Too Much? Across all measures, the AHE 576 class ranked no topics as discussed "Too Much". Seems they are a group that is open to discussion and talking about diversity. Must be a nice group of folks.
Alright Rookie, let's take a look at the Current Climate of Diversity Discussions where these people work. It looks like on Average people felt the most comfortable talking about Gender and Race, with Sexual Orientation and Class in the middle, and Age and Religion coming in last. You think that's all there is to it? Typical Rookie mistake. Another number to look at is the Mode, or most common response. These were:
Age: 2
Religion: 2
Class: 3
Orientation: 2
Gender: 2
Race: 4
(The scale was 1-Low to 5-High)

Now get out of my sight and hit the pavement. I wanna hear what the people are saying things *should* be like out there.
Hey Rookie, this one is about you and me! 8 for Too Little and 5 For About Right.
Psst, Don't ever ask Sarge about the divorce, or you'll be on desk duty till you retire. 6 said Too Little, 7 said About Right.
Here's one they said needed a lot more discussion. 10 said Too Little and just 3 said About Right.
Another interesting find...Looks like half the respondents had held back comments on the diversity topics, and half hadn't. You should track this lead later on. I'm two weeks from retirement, so I won't be able to help. And honestly Rookie, I'm gettin too old for this 'ship. This scholarship.
McClain chomps a donut...
Come to think of it, Officer Cheney *has* been a little tight-lipped lately...
Hi everyone. Thanks again for participating in my little survey. It was really fun to put together your answers. Outside of the obvious stuff in the charts, a couple of things I think are noteworthy:

-Even though race was one of the topics that ranked highest in current comfort discussing, people still felt we need to talk about it more. Lots of work to be done there, society wide.

-It's really interesting to see how few people felt there could be comfortable expression of conservative views in their workplace. I think it's important to be cognizant of both letting people speak their minds, even if we don't agree with them, *and* to not let people we agree with dominate discussions.

-Lastly, I was really encouraged by how many people found diversity training helpful. I've never had any, and I guess I have just been informed by shows like The Office in thinking it's goofy. Glad to be wrong. Hooray!
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