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Shelli's Write Steps Prezi

Exhibitor's Presentation

Nancy Carson

on 29 July 2015

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Transcript of Shelli's Write Steps Prezi

SIMR-ELD Bridge List

Visual Aids
Year Long Program
Pacing Guides
How Teachers Differentiate Instruction
Demonstration Videos:
34 clips + 6 prezis

ELA and Writing Correlations
Pacing Charts
The Craft
Online Support
Student Experience
Developmental, day-by-day Madeline Hunter lesson plans
Lessons are organized as a spiraled sequence of instructional units
Each unit presents New Focus Skills (NFS) which students practice numerous times over the course of a unit
Students have opportunities for further practice of these skills in subsequent lessons that have Review Focus Skills (RFS)
Writers Workshop - individual or small group conferencing
Rubrics - use as teaching points
Spiraled Lessons - developmental progression
Closure Activites - end of each lesson high, medium and low level questions check for understanding
Product Expectations - graphic organizers and final works

Spiraling K-5 Program
Why is this important?
"The standards for K-5 offer a focus for instruction
each year to help ensure that students gain adequate mastery of a range of skills and applications."
"Each year in their writing, students should demonstrate increasing sophistication in all aspects of language use, from vocabulary and syntax to the development and organization of ideas, and they should address increasingly
demanding content and sources."
Narrative -- Real & Imagined
6 Traits
Increase student understanding of expectations
Reflection on their GLOWS & GROWS
Summative/Formative Assessment
Confidence & Motivation
engaging units & lessons
graphic organizers for planning
Author's Share
graphic organizers
Free Kick-Off Meeting
Modeled Video Lessons
Live or Virtual PD
small group coaching sessions
Train-the-Trainer model
Shelli Zimmerman
Visit us at:
WriteSteps is a research-based writing program:
100% CCSS for grades K-5
Writer's Workshop model
6 + 1 Traits of Quality Writing
Daily Lesson Plans
Created by educators
SIMR-ELD CA Recommended List
Digital and Print options
Teacher Experience

Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan format
Demonstration Videos
Visual Aids
Ease of Use
Additional Teacher Tools:
Effects Include:
Integrate writing into the Curriculum

Privacy folders, posters and sound cards
Teacher modeled strategies and videos
Authentic student work examples
Graphic organizers and visual aids
Self-assessment writing rubrics
Author's chair and share
In the Classroom
Support for English Learners
Grammar and language building
Learned phrases
Peer brainstorming
Graphic organizers
Spiraling lessons
Self-assessment and editing via rubrics
Integrate Technology
Meet the needs of the CCSS
End of Unit - formal core writing
Writer's Notebook - porfolio of work
Daily and Weekly - Focus skill observations
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