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No description

Kinda Alaryan

on 23 June 2013

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Transcript of The BFG

Who are the characters in the story?
What is the setting of the book?
The setting of the book is Sophie's orphanage.And the queens castle in England.
The problem of The book called The BFG is that a giant called The Fleshlupeater and the other giants are trying to eat human beings and The BFG doesent know how to speak properly.
what does the BFG stand for?
The BFG stands for big friendly giant.This is my book cover that i drew.
I think the genre of the BFG is fantasy because their are unrealistic things in the book.
The queen of England,Head
of army force,Mary the queens
maid,Mr.Tibbs the palace butler,
Sophie the orphan and Head of
the army.
The BFG,The fleshlumpeater,
The Bone crusher,The manhugger,
The child chewer,The meat dipper,
The gizzard gulper,The maid masher,The blood bottler and The butcher.
The protagonist is Sophie and The BFG.The antagonist is The Fleshlumpeater.
First,in the book Sophie couldn't sleep
because of a moonbeam was slanting
through a gap in the artains .
Second,she sees something
coming up the street that was a giant not a human.

Third,the giant takes Sophie to the cave.
Fourth,The big friendly giant was showing Sophie the other giants.
The BFG is a fantasy story
with a helpful mood.
In my opinion i think the
theme of The BFG is friendly
and adventure.
The first thing you should read this book because it is a nice book.
Second,you learn something that you have to be friendly to others.
Third,help others
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