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Based on the Reasons for Settlement, as Stated in the Charter of 1732 , Was the Georgia Colony a Success or Failure?

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Kaya Calvery

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Based on the Reasons for Settlement, as Stated in the Charter of 1732 , Was the Georgia Colony a Success or Failure?

Ex Question: Based on the Reasons for Settlement, as Stated in the Charter of 1732, Was the Georgia Colony a Success or Failure?
James Edward Oglethorpe, famous for creating a Parliamentary investigation into the conditions of London prisons, exercised a leading role in the movement to found a new colony.
He intended to help released debtors begin a new life in America.
He received $5,000 to carryout his plan.
1730 the associates presented a petition to the Privy Council.
The notion of helping debtors gave way to a more pragmatic plan to send over the "deserving poor", who would protect South Carolina while producing such goods as wine & silk for England.
Document A: Trustee Georgia
In Savannah’s mid advancement, there began anarchy of malcontent(s).
As an aftermath much war took place, most of it was caused by the new settlers that began to rain in, who were displeased w/ the rules of the colony.
The causings were of “disputed land claims” and “piracy”. But this wasn’t just one battle, it happened excessively, leaving others with only the premonition of when the Spanish may strike next.
But, Oglethorpe was the only one to blame for starting a war he couldn’t finish. One particular incident when (as stated in the document):” a Spanish privateer severed British Captain Robert Jenkins ear in 1731, gave the war the name “War of Jenkins Ear”. The war was seemingly sempiternal and consisted of meaningless and unnecessary attacks.
Document C: War of Jenkin's Ear
A Yellow Fever outbreak occurred due to the Yamacraw Bluff.
The chart shows a figment of the passenger list(that i don't have a picture of).
One third of the 27 colonists lost their lives that first summer.
Because there was no basic nose-and-throat doctor, during the outbreak Oglethorpe allowed Dr. Nunes a Jewish Doctor to treat affected colonists.
Document B: Georgia's First Colonists
Analyzing and breaking down documents to answer a question.
(Using documents A, B, C, & E.

Gather facts
Key quotes ""
Anything needed, stated directly in the document.
State the Sources
The man w/ the trustees was famous for making a parliamentary interrogation, in what was going on w/ the London prisons.
And he was part of the group that was trying to make Georgia. He was trying to help the debtors start a new life on new land, like yaas.
Thomas Coram was a founder of a hospital in London.
They went to the Council people, to see if they approved.
And they did, but they didn't , it's confusing.
Summarize the article to make it easier to answer questions.

Add conclusions, inferences and arguments.
In case you don't know how to summarize.
if it helps.
Document E
"It only remains that we in a few Paragraphs endeavor to exhibit to the View of the Reader, the REAL Causes of the Ruins and Desolation of the Colony an those briefly are the following:
1. The Representing the Climate & Soil of Georgia in false and too flattering Colours.
2. The Restricting too much the Extent of Possessions.
3. But Chiefly denying the use of slaves.
4. The Neglecting the proper Means for Encourage the Silk and Wine Manufactures.
5. The Assigning certain fix'd Tracts of Land to those who came to settle in the Colony."
The Georgia Colony started out w/ 26 settlers ready to start a new life in Savannah, not knowing that they should be worried for the upcoming. Downfall came in its second year "The Yellow Fever outbreak", and according to Document B for 1/3 of the settlers the aftermath was fatal. And Within only 9 years Oglethorpe began war w/ the Spanish which almost never ended, which according to Document C made history when one of his Captain’s ears was severed, giving the war its name "War of Jenkin's Ear". Oglethorpe was then sent back to Great Britain for failing to finish a war that he had started, and there he was charged. When his presence went unnoticed his colonists changed all of his rules and regulations to their likings, causing chaos and lack of structure in government and economy. According to Document E failure is directly stated when stating the status of Savannah at the end of that period. No one saw it coming. yet everyone did. The Georgia Colony was most definitely a failure.
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