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Vine Prezi

Feb. 12 - MKTG 465

Elise Parker

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Vine Prezi

Twitter Launches Vine: A Video
Sharing App By: Elise Parker
Feb. 12 Twitter launched a new video sharing
app Jan 24, 2013 called Vine

Users can record video up to six seconds

Striving for simplicity:
- Only six seconds
- No filters or editing, just touch the screen to start and stop a recording

Short videos = creative and quirky like 140 character tweets Description of Hot Topic: Vine can be used in marketing

Marketers adapt to new and innovative ways to reach consumers

Not every business has millions to spend on Super Bowl commercials

92% of surveyed mobile users said they share videos from their mobile devices Why Vine Is Important: Marketers believe lasting impressions can be created in 6 seconds

Businesses using Vine to promote products

Using Vine as another social media platform - businesses need to keep up

Shrinking attention spans, 6 seconds may be all it takes to capture someones attention How it Relates: http://vine.co/v/b52z6ljw1F1 Dove Uses Vine! Key Players: Vine Users

Twitter Users

Marketers/Advertisers looking to promote products on social media

Facebook: Vine users can link videos to Facebook and Twitter Learn More: Download the app to iPhone or iPod touch

Visit the Vine blog

See how 15 real businesses got creative with Vine: http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/34144/How-15-Real-Businesses-Are-Getting-Creative-With-Vine-for-Marketing.aspx.
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