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By Amanda and Haley

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lib hist

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of By Amanda and Haley

Amanda Mallia
Haley Good
Chloe Jeremie

Sammy Lee Davis
He received the Medal of Honor from president Lyndon B. Johnson, November 19,1968. He was awarded for "his fearless actions at the of his life and beyond the call of duty. While serving as a cannoneer with Battery C at a remote fire support base. At approximately 0200 hours, the fire support base was under heavy enemy attack. The attacking enemy drove within 25 meters of the friendly positions. Only a river separated the Viet Cong from the fire support base. Sgt. Davis seized a machine gun and provided covering fire for his gun-crew. An enemy shot a direct hit upon the artillery piece. This resultant blast hurled the gun crew from their weapon and blew Sgt. Davis into a foxhole. He struggle to his feet and returned to the howitzer, which was burning furiously. Ignoring repeated warnings to seek cover, Sgt. Davis continuously rammed a shell into the gun and fired at the attacking enemies. He was injured greatly again and again.Incomplete disregards for his safety,Sgt. Davis picked up an air mattress struck out across the deep river to rescue three wounded on the far side.Through suffering painful wounds he refused medical attention , joining Vietcong force it broke contact and fled.Sgt. Davis's extraordinary heroism at the risk of his life,are in keeping with the highest traditions of military service and reflect great upon himself and the Us army.
William Carvey
William Carvey was born a slave on February 29,1840 he had escaped slavery threw the underground railroad reaching freedom. Carney hand then became the 54Th Massachusetts soldier . This career had made a huge impact on his life and he had a chance to prove himself. On July 18,1863 was the battle of Fort Wagner. During the fight he had made a heroic attack on the Garrison. Carveys bravery earned him a promotion to sergeant and he got awarded the Us military mot prestigious award. When he was in battle with Fort Wagner he had got shot 4 times during the war fro the flag. He would rather get shot than let his country's flag touch the ground . After ths war had died off her started to settle down with his wife and his child. Then on May 23, 1900 he was awarded the medal of honor for proudly serving almost 40 years of combat he was the first black man to ever receive the award and he will be remembered for that.
Mary Edwards Walker
Mary Edwards Waslker is the only woman to ever recieve the Medal of honor. In 1855 Mary earned her medical degree and started her own practice. The practice did not end up doing well so Mary started to volunteer with the union Army at the outbreak of the American Civil War. In addition she worked as a sergon at the temporary hospital in the capitol. Women were not consitered for the union army board because they were "unfit". Mary was captured by the confederate after crossing enemy lines to treat wounded civilians and arrested as a spy. She was then sent to Richmond,Virginia a prisoner until she was released in a prisoner exchange. After the war she was approved for the highest armed forces for her bravery. Mary was awarded in 1977 agtain after she was deleted from the list in 1917.
Tibor Ruban
Jacob Parrott
Jacob was the first of 6 men to be awarded the medal of honor for their actions on the battle field known as The great locomotive chase. On April 1862 they were also the first ever men to physical wear the medal of honor they had received this award for ricking their lives in battle and having enough courage to stand for their side but Jacob stood out from he 6 men because he was one of the youngest survivors at age 17 for his bravery he had right fully earned this for his outstanding honor for is country.
Ruban was was put in a concentration camp when he was thirteen years old. He said that if he ever came to America he would want to be a soldier. In 1948 he came to the United States and in 1950 he was enlisted in the U.S Amy. By July he was already fighting in South Korea. His Sgt. would always volunteer him for impossible missions, not only did he survive all of them but he fought brilliantly. During on of his missions he secured and needed route of retreat by single handily defending the hill for 24 hours. In October 1950 he was captured by the Chinese and spent the next 30 months in camp. Many of the people in the P.O.W. had given up. He helped keep everyone alive and healthy. He did this by sneaking out and getting food from the Chinese and North Korean supply depots. He always nourished many soldiers back to health. In the end he saved at least 40 American soldiers. He was nominated for the Medal of Honor 4 times by two of his commanding officers. On September 23, 2005 he was awarded the Medal of honor 55 years later by President George Bush.
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