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on 17 October 2017

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Transcript of Anthropology

What to do with
a major in Anthropology

How To Prepare for a Career in Anthropology
SMASH Rm 101
What can I do with a degree in Anthropology?:
Cultural Anthropology careers
Community and Social Services
Lawyers, Managers, and Planners
International Development Officers
Market Research Analysts and Market Specialists
Survey Researchers
Writers and Authors
Federal and Tribal Anthropologists
Archaeology careers
Federal, State, Tribal, and Corporate Archaeologists
Archaeological Survey Technicians
Cultural Resource Managers
Archivists, Curators, and Museum Technicians
Anthropology and Archaeology Post-secondary Teachers
Project Development and Management
What to do with a major in...
Advising and Academic Support Center (AASC)
Explore internship, research, or volunteer possibilities within anthropology.
Get involved with related student organizations/clubs.
Join professional organizations, such as the American Anthropological Association.
Oral and Written Communication
Non-lab DLN must be either ANTH 103 (Introduction to Archaeology) or ANTH 105 (Evolution and Human Behavior)
Statistics course required
15 credits of upper-division anthropology electives outside of required ANTH courses
High overall elective credit room!
One year of a foreign language (excludes American Sign Language and Latin)
Required Coursework
Talk to an advisor in the Anthropology Department at Boise State.
Take an introductory ANTH course.
Conduct informational interviews with professionals in anthropology field of interest.

Participate in summer field school or faculty lab groups.
Job shadow someone in a career position in which you are interested.
Examine resources on Career Center website.
Biological Anthropology careers
Medicine and healthcare industries
Museum Education officers and coordinators
Zoo collection management and captive breeding programming

*based on 2016-2017 catalog
The scientific study of humans
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