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No description

Kaylee Rosenbach

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Teaching

Education & Training
Teaching in general:
People good for this career.
If you are interested in science,
the way the world works and
love chemistry, then you
would be a good teacher
for chemistry or biomedical
science. But not just anybody
can do this job, you have
to be smart. And know
how to relate to the students
you teach.
Jobs in this Career Cluster:
The average salary of a chemistry teacher is $53,000.
And the average salary for a psychology teacher is $43,000.
Teaching is one of my dream careers, and the specifics of teaching mean that I would have to be devoted to the school that I work at, and the topic I teach.
The topic that I would love to teach is Biomedical science or Chemistry.
And the age group that I would like to teach would be sophomores and freshmen.
Education & Training requirements:
You would have to understand what subject you are teaching to the students, and teach it efficiently.

You need a bachelors degree in chemistry or psychology. *(in some schools you must have a masters degree)*

It requires more than just knowing the subject, you have to have knowledge of child psychology and how humans learn.
Do we need these jobs?
Yes we need these jobs. If we did not have the jobs of teachers, who would teach? Teachers would not have jobs so there would be an increase of unemployment rates.
School keeps kids out of trouble and educates them for the future.
Career of my choice:
Demand of this field:
Benefits and growth:
Work values necessary for this job:
In some areas, there need to be more teachers but in others there are to many teachers. There are more of a demand for math teachers, science teachers, and special education teachers.
The benefits of a chemistry teacher chemistry teachers have health benefits and a retirement fund which is funded by the employer. They may also be able to earn tenure, which protects their employment and prevents termination without a cause.
The career of my choice is a Chemistry teacher. Some reasons for this are,
I am fascinated by chemical reactions and the medical field.
Being able to make new elements just by combining other elements is a lot of fun.
And you teach, so i get the best of what careers I want.

A career as a chemistry teacher offers you the opportunity to work as a teacher in both a classroom setting and a laboratory setting.
Working conditions:
Strong initiative to support your students.
Being a role model.
Professional appearance.
There are so many jobs in this career cluster, you could be a...
Elementary school teacher(5 subjects) Math, Languages, Social Studies, Arts, and Science.
Middle school teacher(5 subjects) Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts.
High school teacher English, History, Math, Science, Foreign language, Physical education, Parenting, Psychology, Careers, Foods, and so many more.
College (endless but here are some examples) English, Principles of Biology, World Civilization and Society, Politics and Society, Calculus, etc.
Being reliable.
Being reasonable.
Being professional.
Knowing the stuff that you are teaching.
By: Kaylee Rosenbach
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