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Pros and Cons of GM Foods

No description

Mac Watson

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Pros and Cons of GM Foods

Pros and Cons of GM Foods Pros •Built in pest deterrents
This requires the use of less pesticides which creates a healthier environment •Produce more food with less seeds
With GM foods we are able to increase the yield of each seed •With GM crops we only have to use one type of herbicide which will reduce soil erosion by projected 70%.
This conserves our land so we have some to farm on in the future
•Resist diseases and freezing
Our produce will stay fresh during shipping •Altered to contain more vitamins minerals and proteins making food more nutrious •Golden rice stimulates the body to make Vitamin A and its goal is to prevent 2 million children from dying and another 500,000 from going blind because of lack of vitamin A Cons •Severe allergic reactions
GM Food has been know to cause serious alleric reactions in humans. •Development of diseases that are immune to antibodies.
By mutating the DNA of organisms we may accidentally create a disease immune to human anitbodies. •Higher chance of developing cancer
Studies have shown that humans with raised levels of
Insulin-Like Growth Factor (IGF-1) are more likely to develop cancer. This hormone comes from cows milk from cows who have been injected with the growth hormone. The lack of labeling of GMO foods makes it so GMO companies don't have to be liable for the problems their food causes.
In the near future a small group of companies will own all the seeds in the world due to patents. Monsanto already owns 97% patents on seeds The introduction of genetically modified plants
into the environment could cause a severe
imbalance in the ecosystem. The imbalnce could
result in a total loss of a crop or animal. Monsanto wants to create a suicide gene so each year
farmers will have to buy a whole set of seeds from them. If this
gene spread into other plants in the environment, the worlds food
source will be completely eliminated. Not all GMOS are bad. Some help save lifes like the bacteria that produces human insulin. Yes GM food does have its downfalls but with the right testing and regulation it could really benefit the world. However, regulation and proper testing is not in place. The first step we as a nation need to take is labeling GMO food clearly so the consumer has a choice in what they are eating. Also labeling will make it so large corporations like Monsanto have to be liable if their food causes any problems. Overall all we as a nation can do is educate ourselves about GM food and GMOs and make a choice of whether we personally want to use them.
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