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Copy of Laugh

No description

Alfred Lorenz

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Laugh

Happiness The Psychology of Happiness The Psychology of Happiness But How? A great laughing Course Outline 1. Happiness by Laughing

2. Happiness by Playing

3. Happiness by Giving

4. Happiness by Sharing "Your sense of humor is one of the
most powerful tools you have to
make certain that your daily mood
and emotional state support
good health'

Paul E. McGhee PhD.
www. Helpguide.org "10 reasons why laughing is good for you" 1. It boosts the immune system

Laughter increases levels of
salivary immunoglobulin A
This is an antitbody which
fights infections. 2. It energizes Organs Laughing out loud for 20seconds
means jogging for 3 minutes. Why do we laugh?
- Laughter is about relationships.

Why do the urges to laugh and cry sometimes come at the same time?
- Laughter and crying are closely related neurologically and evolutionarily. Surprise! Ask the Expert: Why do women laugh more when they’re talking to men?
- Women laugh most at men that they find interesting or attractive. Relationship between
Tears and Laughter Honest expression leads to laughter
Releasing emotional pain opens up
spontaneous humor
Jokes after the tears sparkling, HEAL!! If you are having difficulty finding things
to laugh about in your life, you probably
haven’t cried the tears that you need to cry. Practice Emotional
Let your humor express itself.
Choose humor that is funny
Spend time with children Hi, Laugh a little. Mr. Alfred, Instructor Happiness and Humor 3. Enhances Learning When one is relaxed one is able to listen and learn. 4. It enhances relationships It is easier to related to others with a smile 5. Enhances attraction You will attract others to you. 6. It Reduces pain It does not get rid of the pain but it makes it a bit easier. 7. It enhances one's alertness To be alive and awake 8. It enhances self well being Smile be Happy 9. It enhances self confidence I can do it. 10. It enhances optimism and hope I have a lot of Hope Happiness by laughing so learn
to laugh Just do it.
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