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How to Use the Presidential Management Fellowship Program to Develop Your Next Generation of Leaders

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Dave Uejio

on 12 April 2012

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Transcript of How to Use the Presidential Management Fellowship Program to Develop Your Next Generation of Leaders

What makes it great? Agency Wide Buy-in
Sound HR Strategies
A Truly Developmental Program A Truly Developmental Program NIH gives PMFs the resources the need to succeed,
the space they need to grow,
the support they need to flourish,
and a reason to make a career here. Feedback
Managing Expectations
Community Since 1979 NIH has hired 185 PMFs.
82 of them still work at NIH.
19 of those who left are still in government. Value Statement Workforce Planning
Focus on Leadership Development
Marketing and Branding
Strategic Recruitment Leadership Program Design: Present and Future Values Statement Agency Wide Buy-in Agency Wide Buy-in Awareness of what the PMF is Full Time Coordinator
Program Governance
Buddy/Interim Advisor/Mentor
Alumni Involvement Sound HR Strategies Building a Cohort Culture
At large rotational structure
Training budget
Monthly Program Meetings
Management Seminar Series
Graduation Avoiding Pitfalls Dave Uejio uejiod@od.nih.gov ~ (301) 451-7340 ~ @BureaucratJedi Values Statement "Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely." - Karen Kaiser Clark Since 1979, NIH has been home to one of the most vibrant intern programs in all of government.
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