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Marriage Customs of Elizebethan England

Love and Marriage Betrothel and Wedding The Marriage Ring More Wedding Customs Elizebethan Wedding Customs

Sarah Beaman

on 2 May 2011

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Transcript of Marriage Customs of Elizebethan England

Marriage Customs of Elizabethan Times Love and Marriage The Marriage Ring Betrothal and Wedding Elizabethan Wedding Customs Proper weddings consisted of a wedding ring The ring went on the third finger of the left hand It was believed women had a vein in their finger that led to the heart. Some rings had inscriptions Arranged Marriages Depending on what class you were in,
you either chose who you married...
people chose for you. Will they have a successful marriage??
a disastrous marraige?? It was difficult to divorce, would these people end up having an uphappy life?? Women Independant women feared marriage every woman was expected to get married sometime in their life...or else women were expected to depend on the men in the family. Women were thought of as property of their husbands It was normal and okay to marry very young. Sometimes as young as... 12 14 Wealthy and noble families would often arrange marraige.

It was often for political alliance between landowners etc. Wedding 1. Consent
2. Exchange of tokens (rings)
3. Consimation It was routine to have morning weddings due to superstitions A marriage contract is signed which includes...

settlement of cash
property by the husbands family Colour white was not used then, any other fashionable colour was accepted If someone wanted to marry, they had to announce it three church. To make a wedding legal, people had to annouce the banns. A minister ALWAYS conducted a wedding Most important role of a wedding to wealthy, noble families...
the signing of the contract Bibleography http://www.elizabethan.org/compendium/10.html http://www.elizabethan-era.org.uk/elizabethan-wedding-dress.htm
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