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Open House 2012-2013

No description

Jeannie Smith

on 10 July 2014

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Transcript of Open House 2012-2013

North Forest Pines Elementary
Open House

Mrs. Smiths'
Soar-rific Second Grade

Class Schedule

Morning Work 7:15-7:50
Math 7:50-9:10
Snack & Read Aloud 9:10-9:25
Specials 9:25-10:10
Recess 10:10-10:35
Literacy: Daily 5/Cafe' 10:40-12:00
Lunch 12:00-12:25
Restroom 12:25-12:35
Science & Social Studies 12:35-1:15
Writing 1:15-2:10
Dismissal 2:10-2:15

* Read 15 minutes & Letter Land
* Baggie Books
* Home work Extension: Enrichment
* Extra Practice: Interventions
* Projects

Classroom Management
~1st Offense~
(This will be considered scoring a 3 for the day)
~2nd Offense~
Moving clip down
(This will be considered scoring a 2 for the day)
~3rd Offense~
Move clip again. Note home.
(This will be considered scoring a 1 for the day)
Office Referral
Students may be referred to the office for severe offenses without going through the first steps. If after the 3rd offence a student continues to need redirection they may also be referred to the office.
(This will be considered scoring a 1 for the day)
3 = Meeting Expectations

2 = Inconsistently meeting expectations

1 = Does not meet expectations
School Wide Discipline
show self-control
operate safely
act responsibly
respect self & others
* Silent Zones
* Falcon Tickets
* Principal Pals
* Character Awards
Positive Reinforcement
* Bravo Points
* Praise Vocabulary
* Behavior Coupons
* Free Talk Time
Standards Based Grading
Level 4
Extends targeted grade level standards
“Since I can do/get this, I can figure out new things!”
Level 3
Demonstrates proficiency of targeted grade level standards.
“I get it!” “ I can do it well!”
Level 2
Needs support to meet targeted grade level standards.
“I almost get it but I need help.”
Level 1
Insufficient performance of targeted grade level standards.
“I don’t get it yet. I need help.”
“P , check or :) ”
This work is not being assessed. I am practicing a new skill
Common Core
Common Core
ELA: English/Language Arts Overview
A structure that includes all the components of balanced literacy instruction and fosters a common language for literacy, k-5. This structure empowers teachers to support students in becoming independent readers and writers.
Daily 5
Thanks for coming!

* Read to Self
* Work on Writing
* Read to Someone
* Word Work
* Listen to Reading
Give me Five
The Cafe' menu consists of literacy skills and strategies that students use to read and comprehend text. These strategies fall under the five pillars of reading instruction identified on the Wake County Reading Model.
1. Comprehension,
2. Phonics and phonemic awareness
3. accuracy
4. Fluency
5. Vocabulary
Please join PTA $6.00
Field Trips-coming soon!
Lunchroom accounts/lunch numbers
Parent Conferences
Dress Code
Toys at school
Student of Week: Birthdays
Specials schedule
* Weekly Newsletter/Conduct Sheet

* Monday Folders

* E-mail (jsmith5@wcpss.net)

* Class website: www.jsmith5.weebly.com

*Phone (919-570-0220)

* School Website: www.northforespineses.wcpss.net
I look forward to a
SOAR-riffic year at NFP!
Every Day Procedures
* Pulling Sticks
* stop signs/chips
* Brain Breaks
* Sign Language
* Pencil Challenge
The Common Core State Standards provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them. The standards are designed to be robust and relevant to the real world reflecting the knowledge and skills that our young people need for success in college and careers. With American students fully prepared for the future, our communities will be best positioned to compete successfully in the global economy.
* Operations and Algebraic Thinking
* Numbers and Operations in Base Ten
* measurement and Data
* Geometry

* Owning your reading
*Tackling tricky parts
* Science and SS experts
* Informational text reading the world
* Connecting deeply with characters
* Reading Clubs
* Fiction, Folktales & Fairy tales
Three Cheers for Volunteers!
Help Wanted!
1. Room Mom/Dad
2. Monday Mom/Dad
3. Copies/Create Mom/Dad
4. KIT Enrichment Mom/Dad
5. Math Enrichment Mom/Dad
6. Math Facts Mom/Dad
7. Other
Writers Workshop
* Narratives
Small Moments
Authors as mentors
Realistic Fiction
Fractured Fairy Tales
Persuasive Reviews
Persuasive Letters
* Informational
Research Reports
Write Like A Scientist
Writing Rubrics
Recounts a well elaborated or short sequence of events
Uses temporal words to signal event order
Includes details
Provides closure
Uses adjectives, adverbs, verb tense, plural nouns and pronouns correctly
Produce simple and compound sentences
Capitalize consistently with few errors
Use correct punctuation
Applies grade level spelling rules
With guidance and support from adults and peers, revise and edit
States clear opinion and introduces topic
Uses linking words to connect opinion to reasons
Provides concluding statement
Supports opinion with relevant resources/reasons
Use verb tense and plural nouns correctly
Produce simple and compound sentences
Capitalize consistently with few errors
Use correct punctuation
Applies grade level spelling rules
With guidance and support from adults and peers, revise and edit

Demonstrates understanding of topic
Organizes ideas and information
Clear topic sentence
Reasons, details and facts are easily identified
Simple transitions, conclusion or restating of topic
Use facts and definitions
Provides examples to support topic
Use adjectives, adverbs, verb tense, plural nouns correctly
Produces simple and compound sentences
Capitalize consistently with few errors
Use correct punctuation
Apply grade level spelling rules
With guidance and support from adults and peers, revise and edit
Reading Assesments
mclass Reading 3D is a new assessment tool that was implemented last school year.
The students will be assessed BOY, MOY and EOY. You will receive a home connect letter that summarizes your child's results and gives suggestions for support at home.
Baggie Books
All students in grades K-3 will receive a book on his/her instructional level to read for homework nightly. The purpose is to promote a love for reading, provide appropriate reading materials for students and to improve students' fluency and comprehension. If a student loses a book they will be charged $7.00 for the book. The student will then only be aloud to use paper books until he returns or pays for book. Students will not be denied access to books for any reason.
Case 21
Case 21 is an assesment in reading and math that will be administered Q2 and Q4. The results will help guide my instruction and therefore will not be sent home.
New to 2nd grade!
Letterland is a unique phonics based approach to teaching reading writing and spelling. The letterland characters transform plain black letter shapes into child friendly pictograms and they all live in an imaginary place called letterland.
Simple stories about the letterland characters explain the full range of dry phonics facts so that children are motivated to listen to think and to learn. These stories explain letter sounds and shapes allowing children to progress quickly to word building, reading and writing.
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