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Oakland University


Aleena John

on 21 December 2015

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Transcript of Oakland University

College location and things to do in hometown.
Campus Life at the University-
Oakland University!

Oakland University is located in the cities of Auburn Hills and Rochester Hills, Michigan. You can go to the Jack London square, Lake Merit, the Oakland Zoo, Fox Theatre, or to the Oracle Arena etc..
-there are 5 buildings for living:

-Van Wagoner
-Oak View (largest rooms)
Oakland university is a state-of-art research facility.
With it's beautiful campus and amazing professors, Oakland university is becoming the best. Oakland is known for teaching and Nursing.
The future of Medicine:
Tuition and Payment
"Residents of Michigan pay an annual total price of $20,561 to attend Oakland University on a full time basis. This fee is comprised of $10,613 for tuition, $8,894 room and board, $1,054 for books and supplies and $0 for other fees." from college simply

what are some google reviews of Oakland?

Rani Karana: "Great school! Nice campus. Friendly staff, great students"

Ryan Gaddy: "So glad I spent my undergrad year here. The campus is beautiful and improving!"

Kellie Crothers: "Has a great nursing program"
one of the many housing buildings
Oakland University has great dorms with lots of different floor plans helping you select the perfect room for you
OU experience :
Ms.Courtney Jacobs:

" Oakland has really good teaching and
Nursing programs."
"Oakland is also a really good transfer school"
"Oakland is really convenient because
very close to this general area."
Out of 5 stars how many would you give Oakland?
"4 1/2 out of 5"
Interesting Facts
Academic Programs
arts, sciences, business, education, hrd, engineering, computers, health sciences, nursing, Intergrative & undecisive
What you need to become
an OU student
-Oakland's mascot is Grizz the brown bear
-Oakland has a great basketball program

Undergraduate science GPA of 3.00 or higher and overall GPA of 3.20 or higher

MCAT score (average for 2014 was 30; minimum required is 24 on old MCAT and 495 on new MCAT)

Meaningful medical activities (including volunteer work, shadowing, etc)

Service to others and to the community

Teamwork and leadership skills

Excellence in an activity or area of interest (sports, research, or other endeavor) at a local, regional, or national level

Evidence of intellectual curiosity and a commitment to life-long learning
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