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Prezi for 9C - AUS

Thomas Pedersen

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of The USA

"Stars and stripes"
The stripes represent the 13 colonies which eventually became the first states.
The stars represent
all the 50 states in USA.
The population is 300 000 000
The Capital is Washington D.C
The longest river is Mississippi
A nation of immigrants
USA - a country of diversity...
From the glaciers in Alaska...
...to sunny California
From the skyscrapers in the "Big Apple"...
... to rural Texas
The name America is
derived from the name of
Italian navigator Amerigo
Political power
is divided between:
The President
The Congress
The Supreme Court
The Statue of Liberty
Famous landmark in New York
A gift from France
Some experts claim that the copper used in the statue is from Norway!
The cultural hub in the USA is Los Angeles
Do you know what Los Angeles means?
Hollywood is well-known for it's movie production.
You have probably heard this voice a couple of times?
From Grand Canyon...
...to the pacific state Hawaii
From old pop stars...
... to new ones
Don't blink
your eyes!
An iconic event of American history
History of independence
The Boston Massacre 1770
A protest and action against the British control of import of tea
The colonists didn't want to pay taxes to Britain
The colonists now felt more American than they were loyal to the British empire
The massacre created tension throughout the 13 colonies, between the colonists and the British

One of many reasons that the Revolutionary War broke out 5 years later
The American
Revolutionary War
A war between the Kingdom of Great Britain and the 13 British colonies in North America
The colonies declared independence July 4, 1776
The last British troops left New York in 1783
USA today
The United States of America
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