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SharePoint Lesson #12: Editorial Plan

How to use a MS SharePoint calendar as an Editorial Plan for Social Media

Peter Heffner

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of SharePoint Lesson #12: Editorial Plan

A SharePoint Calendar becomes a Social Media Editorial Plan.
Editorial Plan in MS-Sharepoint
It is overdone buying MS SharePoint just because utilising an Editorial Plan. However, if SharePoint is already in use, with little effort you can create a convenient Editorial Plan with additional functionality compared to an Excel list:
optimal use of the database structure
diverse representation of the data (to-do lists, responsibilities, critical situations, ...)
Approval process already available through Approval Workflow
seamless integration with MS Office
Move events by drag & drop
Overview: all Activities
the completed actions with platform and date of publication
Actions in progress
ToDo list for authors
planned activities
. . .
Example of a Dashboard:
and of course... the classic calendar view in SharePoint!
Drag & drop the dates / Overlay with private calendar
MS-Outlook Integration
Workflows add more automatisation to Editorial Plan.
Even more options...
Automatic task assignment when certain status conditions occur
colored entries (Text2HTML)
Automatic status changes or trigger emails
Additional text fields for editorial content
Attachments (images, PDF, text, ...)
Please find here an overview of all pulished presentations around SharePoint tips & tricks:
If you find the presentation useful, I would highly appreciate a "Like" and a recommendation :)
Quick Links to the important Social Media Channels
ToDo list for each author
Quick-Link to the list in Edit-Mode for quick changes in the spreadsheet layout
A beetle on my screen was also captured
A separate Dashboard with published content:
For a better overview published articles are displayed on a separate WebPart page:
Example: Article by platform with date and TURL
Example: Article by calendar week with platform, date and TURL
How to automatically highlight the SharePoint calendar events in an MS Outlook calendar is described in this presentation:
How to use color coded fields, is described in this presentation (Text2HTML):
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