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Historical Fiction

No description

Megan Thompson

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction
A genre of literature in which the setting is a real time in a real place of historical significance. However, some of the characters and events are fictional.
Historical Fiction Defined:
Ask yourself, "Who is telling the story?"

If your answer is - the main character, then the story is being told in FIRST PERSON.

If your answer is - a narrator, then the story is being told in THIRD PERSON.
Point of View:
There are two types of THIRD PERSON point of view stories.

Third Person LIMITED: The narrator tells the story from just one character's point of view.

Third Person OMNISCIENT: The narrator is omniscient, or all knowing, and sees the point of view of all the characters in the story.
A Closer Look at Point of View
The moral of the story. A life-lesson, or general truth, that the author wants to teach; goes beyond the plot of the story and is inferred and interpreted by the reader.
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