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Emergency Management Team

No description

Rebecca Dunn

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of Emergency Management Team

Emergency Management Team Members
Fire Drills During Recess
#1 If a teacher is NOT at recess with their class (not on duty), should the teacher meet up with their students outside? Or does everyone goes to the closest zone?

Exit to the closest zone and be accounted for by the zone leader. Remain in that zone until further instruction.

#2 Should classes who are out at recess go to their assigned zone? Or should they go to the closest zone?

Classes who are out at recess go to the closest zone (Zone 3 - back road near SKIP building). They will be accounted for in that zone.
Do you know?
Where the fire pulls are located?

Fire extinguishers are only to be used by trained personnel?

What to do if you are in lockdown and the fire alarm goes off?

When can/can't the elevator be used for students with mobility issues?

Where do we go in the event of an off-site evacuation?

How to dial "911" from a school phone?

The Green Card and Red Card system for notifying your Zone leader of missing or additional people?
Update: Locking doors
New Peterborough Fire Chief Ed Walker visited PES last month.

All classroom hallway doors must be locked whenever you leave the room.

In the future... swipe cards for front door? front door always locked?
General Reminders
Enter/exit the building through the front door

Have your keys

Wear your ID badge

Sign in/out when you leave the building

Check your walkie talkie and report problems
Emergency Management Team Update
October 2014
Ben Loi
Pam Murphy
Richard Mellor
Stacey Kolk
Rebecca Dunn
Fast getting out of the building and reporting accountability
All exits will be lettered

We will be distributing new Emergency Exit Routes Maps identifying your primary and secondary exits

Know your
primary and
Know your
primary and



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