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Level Up with Blended Learning

No description

Heather Gonzalez

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of Level Up with Blended Learning


Apps & Resources


Heather K. Gonzalez

Digital Learning Coach
-Students create "Mastery
Videos" using Doceri to
prove they've mastered the
-Students submit their Lesson Notes, Activity pages, and Doceri video into Edmodo for teacher review.
Students learn note-taking skills by being held accountable for the information in the videos. Students identify Learning Targets for the lesson, and Reflect on their understanding.
Students work through activities to add to their Unit Completion documents,
Upon completion of a Unit, students' work will then be stored in an E-Portfolio or binder.
Blended Success
Giving students reasonable due dates allows students the freedom to work at their own learning pace, but also keep a steady workflow.
"Level UP" with
Objective: Learn practical tips, tools, and techniques that will help you build a blended course that balances the best of both worlds, online and face-to-face, to help students achieve the course goals and learning objectives.
Diego C. 6th grade student
Angelina G. 6th grade student
Meeting Deadlines
Check in with students to see that they're moving along.
Create Small Group meetings for students who are falling behind.
Encourage higher level responses from students who are soaring through the activities.
Provide Incentives/ "Gamify" the Unit
for "Student Buy-In"
Student Intervention
Many different Apps and resources can be used to help students achieve mastery. It helps to "switch it up" to keep the students engaged and avoid monotony.
Students use Blendspace to access their
Learning Path of video lessons, activities,
and interactive practice.
Gamify your Unit to get students excited!
Use Incentives!
Keep it Simple!

Jadalyn N. 6th grade student
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