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Be a Space PROTECTOR, not a Space INVADER

No description

Amber Silva

on 5 October 2013

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Transcript of Be a Space PROTECTOR, not a Space INVADER

Be a Space
, not a Space

Active Listening
1. Listen carefully when others are speaking.
2. Be quiet when others are talking.
3. Take turns being the speaker.
4. Let others finish their thoughts without interruption.
5. Maintain eye contact.
6. Ask questions to ensure that you understand.
Following Directions
1. I will give good eye contact.
2. I will listen and attend to what is being said.
3. I will repeat the instructions back to myself.
4. I will make sure I understand the directions before carrying them out.
5. If I don’t understand, I will ask questions.

What is a Space Protector ?
Body Space
Property Space
Hearing Space
Seeing Space
or Space
Let's watch a few examples. Tell me what is right or wrong about this situation. Remember our spaces!
That's All Folks!
Body Space
Keep your body in its own "BUBBLE".

Your "bubble" size can change:

With different
With different
With different
Property Space
Keep your
off other people's things UNLESS they let you!
Hearing Space
Talk when talking is
Use an appropriate
Say things only

Seeing Space
Keep things at a good distance for other people to see.

Not too close, not too far,
Space Invaders?
Let's go outside for a game of

Hula Hoop Space Invaders!
Snack Time!
Skill Steps!
1. I will express good body space, remembering my “bubble”.
2. I will keep my hands and body to myself.
3. I will talk only when expected, using good volume and only saying things once.
4. I will keep things at a good distance and not in my friend’s face.
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