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No Longer Business as Usual:

No description

Erin Finlay

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of No Longer Business as Usual:

No Longer Business as Usual:
A Copyright Forum for BC's Creative Industries

The Law
User's Rights
Old School
Copyright is the exclusive right of an author to control how his or her works are used.
The Balance
Industry Disruption
New Business Models and New Market Players
The Summer of 2012
SCC Copyright Pentalogy (is that a word?)
The Previews Decision (SOCAN v. Bell)
The Fair Dealing for Education Decision (Alberta v. Access Copyright)
The Legislation
The Copyright Modernization Act
Royal Assent June 2012
Coming into Force November 2012
can use an existing published work in the creation of a new work and disseminate it if:
solely for non-commercial purposes
the source (if reasonable) is mentioned
you had "reasonable grounds to believe" that the exsisting work was not infringing copyright
the use of the work does not have a "substantial adverse effect" on the exploitation of the existing work
it is an infringement of copyright to circumvent TPMs and to manufacture, sell or distribute technology that is designed to circumvent a TPM
copy controls vs. access controls
Technological Protection Measures (TPMs) and Rights Management Information
photographers = first owners of copyright
commissioned photographs - may be used by the individual who commissioned it for private or non-commercial purposes, unless individual and photographer agree otherwise
parody, satire and education
Fair Dealing
The Law is Normative
Non-Commercial User-Generated Content (the "YouTube Exception")
So, it's No Longer Business as Usual.....
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