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Goddess of Love and Beauty

stephanie yu

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of Aphrodite

Aphrodite (Roman name: Venus), goddess of love and beauty. This is a neo-classical picture of Aphrodite.
This picture shows the story of how Aphrodite was born from the sea, and gods and goddesses came to greet her and clothe her.
Symbols of Aphrodite: Long hair, flowers, seashell, ocean, water, nudity, youth, beauty, nature, and springtime.
We know Aphrodite is important because she is standing in the middle, facing the audience. Shows that she is a main goddess, powerful, and attention-catching.
The artist shows Aphrodite is gentle, modest, natural, shy, and feminie. This is a neo-classical image of Aphrodite, Mars and the three Graces.
This picture shows Aphrodite, cupid and the three Graces entertaining Mars and taking his weapons away.
Symbols of Aphrodite: Doves, roses, nudity, youth, and beauty.
This picture shows Aphrodite flirting with Mars. She is not shy because she has her hand on his thigh. She is relaxed, happy and playful.
Aphrodite wears a crown, symbolizing her royalty among the gods.
This picture shows that Aphrodite and Mars are royalty among the gods (the clouds shows that they are gods) because cupid and the Graces are serving them. Aphrodite by Botticelli Mars Being Disarmed by Venus and the Three Graces by Jacques-Louis David This is neo-classical picture.
This picture shows Aphrodite coming out of the water at the sea fixing her hair.
Symbols of Aphrodite: Mirror, angels, ocean, nature, dolphins, water, seafoam, blonde hair, nudity, morning, sunrise, long hair, youth, and beauty.
This picture shows Aphrodite fixing her hair showing vanity.
She is in the middle of the picture suggesting that she is important.
Her posture is not shy, and the audience can clearly see her body.
The cupids are serving her. Venus Anadyomen by Ingres This is a pottery showing classical picture of Aphrodite.
This pottery shows Aphrodite riding a swan and holding a flower.
Symbols of Aphrodite: Flower, swan, beauty, youth, luxurious clothing, jewellery, and complicated hairstyle.
Aphrodite is sitting on a swan, so we know that she is powerful goddess.
Aphrodite is shown to be very confident, gentle, powerful, serene, and calm.
Aphrodite is shown fully clothed, maybe to symbolize that she is powerful. Aphrodite Riding a Swan (Late Classical Greece) Venus de Milo (130 BC) This is a classical statue of Venus from the ancient Roman times.
This statue shows Venus standing half naked from the waist up.
We don't know what her arms are doing since they went missing long ago.
Venus stands in a confident but relaxed way.
Her hair is up, and her robe is around her legs showing her gorgeous beautiful body.
Very suggestive as if her robe is about to slip off.
Her left arm is probably holding an apple. Born from the pieces of her father's body which dropped from the heavens to the sea.
She appeared and drifted on a scallop shell and stayed in Cyprus. Ability to make any mortals fall in love with her if they see someone wearing her girdle. Birth: Strength: Weaknesses: Vain, bad tempered, jealous, and unfaithful. Marriage: Stories: Child: Stand For: To Hephaestus, god of metal work and the ugliest of the gods.
She did not spend much time with him.
Unfaithful with many lovers including the Areas, the god of war and Adonis. One named Eros, a Cupid-like figure Adonis
Fell in love with Adonis, a handsome youth.
He did not take her warning and was killed by a boar while hunting.
She turns his blood into flowers that bloom every spring.

Paris and Trojan War
At a wedding, a competition was made for the most beautiful goddess.
Paris, a young prince was given three goddesses to choose from:
Athena offered wisdom and power
Hera offered riches
Aphrodite offered the most beautiful woman in the world
He chose Aphrodite.
In return, she gave Paris the love of Helen of Troy which caused the Trojan War. Romance, love, beauty, riches, poetry, art, passion, flowers, rebirth, fertility, happiness, and joy Symbols: Dove, swan, rose, flowers, golden apple, sparrow, bees, dolphin, and ocean (sea foam) About Aphrodite Thanks For Watching
By: Stephanie
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