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Are you Game? Fast Forward 23rd March Keynote LIME

Into to talks and the gaming network

Nicholas Hughes

on 27 March 2011

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Transcript of Are you Game? Fast Forward 23rd March Keynote LIME

Why do we need to look at games? Where next? Support and ideas.
Library of resources.
Lesson plans.
Community and discussion. Immersive Worlds – How can they be used effectively to enhance children’s learning? Contextual Hub for Learning Contact us at


Views Why are we part of the network? What is the benefit of using games? Who are we? "This was evident in an outstanding mathematics lesson that used innovative technology to promote mental calculation. Pupils particularly relished the challenge to 'beat the teacher'." "New technology is used innovatively to enliven learning." How did we start getting GBL in the classroom? "probably the most
powerful learning
tool that's ever
been created" Lord Puttnam Where did we start? PE and games? Creators of content Empowering Learners Creative Writing "We were learning to look after a real class pet." "It's fun because its not like a video that you can't do anything in. You can do stuff instead of just watching." Wii Development Day Findings excited interested engaged motivated
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