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An Indian Father's Plea

No description

Zackeir Minniefield

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of An Indian Father's Plea

Robert Lake is the author of this poem. Lake was a Seneca and Cherokee Indian tribe member.
This piece of literature was written in the form of a letter. It was written by the father
of an Indian child named Wind-Wolf. In this letter written to a teacher, the father tries
to explain that his son isn’t a “slow learner” but is simply from a different cultural
background. He uses imagery to tell how his son learned what he knows about math
and other subjects from his family, during everyday activities.

Ex. He has been with his mother at the ocean at daybreak when she made her prayers
and gathered fresh seaweed from the rocks, he has sat with his uncles in a rowboat
on the river while they fished with gill nets...

An Indian Father's Plea
Presented by: Israel Leon
Literary Term
Imagery- Words and phrases used to create images in the reader's mind.
Tone- An attitude of a writer towards a subject or an audience.

"Why do white people hate us so much and kill us in the movies..."
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