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Angel's Visual Resume

Angel's newest includes his latest experiences and skills, as of 4/1/18.

Thea Weiss Hayes

on 3 April 2018

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Transcript of Angel's Visual Resume


Angel Hayes

Relevant Skills
MT. HOOD COMMUNITY COLLEGE 2011 Associate of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering
Vice President's Honor Roll (2009-10)

Member: Phi Theta Kappa 2008-11

PORTLAND COMMUNITY COLLEGE, GED, Top 3%, With Honors, Spring 2007
To work in a creative and diverse professional environment which utilizes my technical abilities and skills to realize the goals of the organization. My aspirations include a career that would provide me challenging opportunities in consulting and project management.
Supervision & Human Relations
Operations, Safety & Maintenance
Production Efficiency
Research & Planning
Fast learner, high mechanical aptitude and able to work under minimal supervision.
Able to coordinate and communicate well with coworkers and clients.
Dedicated to problem solving & increasing efficiency.
* Supervision of production crew
* Problem solving for equipment design
& customization
* Building jigs and developing processes
* Resource management, incl. efficiency
improvement and safety compliance
* Coordinating operations between
departments, incl. report presentations
* Shipping and packaging
* Microsoft Office Suite, including Excel
* Basic understanding of fluid dynamics,
chemistry, electronics and HVAC
* Broad knowledge base in efficient
building design and operation
* Solidworks, AutoCAD, Master-CAM
"Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."
A. Einstein

Operations & Maintenance
: innate grasp of machine function and operation, prototype development, and computer software / hardware including AutoCAD and SolidWorks.
~Retrofitted and repaired HVAC system in Clean Room.
~Designed several key components for the lab fiberglass flex fatigue tester.
Research & Planning:
identifying problems, creating ideas, gathering information, performing analysis, imagining alternatives, identifying resources, solving problems.
~Designed and installed numerous custom upgrades for several environmental testing chambers, d
esigned and built an 800 psi 1-gal/hr micro-controller operated gel pump
Production Efficiency:
initiating new ideas, practical application of ideas, handling details, coordinating tasks, promoting change.
~Regularly produced reports in PowerPoint including pictures, graphs, data tables, and recommendations based on experimental observations.
~ Managed the frequently changing priorities of several dozen projects simultaneously, based on input from supervisor and co-workers.

Human Relations:
networking (inter-agency/departmental communication and cooperation), listening, delegating with respect, cooperating, providing support, sharing credit, working as part of a team.
~ Actively seek feedback from professionals at all levels to improve performance.
~ Provide supporting expertise to expedite co-worker's projects and help resolve interpersonal conflicts for production efficiency.
Intel Corporation, Portland, Oregon
1/15 to 3/16
Hardware Test Technician
Daimler Trucks NA Product Validation Dept., Portland, Oregon 10/11 to 4/13
Validation Lab Technician
[1] Most Recent Work Experience
Production Manager

Supervised 18 employees in the production, packaging and shipping of teeth whitening and other dental products. Maintained operational equipment, and redesigned same equipment to overcome engineering issues. Assessed project and resource requirements, worked on specifications for new equipment purchases, and recommended process improvements. Was responsible for tracking production times and maintaining records in Excel. Planned and organized production schedules. Acted as liaison to improve interdepartmental communication between sales, buyers and operations staff. Estimated, negotiated and agreed on budgets and timescales with clients and managers. Met with director and employees for performance reviews, fielded complaints, hired, fired and made recommendations for promotion. Resolved interpersonal conflicts between employees, problem solved for operational efficiency. In addition, conducted safety meetings and monitored employees for compliance.

Beaming White, Vancouver, Washington 10/16 to
Production Manager.......[1]
For more information, see:
Improvements made for increased efficiency
Undertook long-term campaign to improve the perception of the Production Department by upper management and increase employee morale. Had meetings with various upper management personnel to discuss achievements and valuable contributions of my production staff, made recommendations for promotions and increases in salary, defined and reinforced proper chain of command within the company, and established a program of incentives (including bonuses) to increase morale and reduce turnover of staff.
Retrofitted and repaired HVAC system in clean room
Designed and built an 800 psi 1-gal/hr micro-controller operated gel pump
Redesigned main drive shaft of 20 liter mixer
Reconditioned the case-taper machine
Re-engineered and developed operating procedure for rotary filling machine
Made numerous improvements and repairs to poorly operating labeling machine
Worked closely with machine operators to establish best-practices for the safe and effective production of merchandise.
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