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Key Club Branding Guidelines and Graphic Standards-ICON 2013 KCDC

District Edtiors Pay Attention!

Minwei Cao

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of Key Club Branding Guidelines and Graphic Standards-ICON 2013 KCDC

for all you district editors
by- Minwei Cao (past district editor: Capital)
&James Jesmer (past district editor: West Virginia)
Key Club Branding Guidelines
Key Club Colors
not just your blue, yellow, and white
There are 10 basic key club colors; use them as often as possible; use them everywhere in your publications. You can sneak in some other colors, but stick to these most of the time. Find them here:
the key club pencil
It's everywhere. The key club pencil needs to show on every page of your publication.
Be creative, change its colors, use the new scribble pencils from international, make it horizontal, vertical, etc. Place it at the top, bottom, etc
Where do you find pencils?
google images is your best fran
why graphic standards?
we are an organization; our publications need to look uniform
spreading the word for key club
more legit
looks cool
setting an example for your club editors
logos and wordmark
the wordmark is the primary symbol of Key Club; it looks like
use it on the front page of every publication to help people recognize it's a Key Club presentation. Don't change its colors; place it on a neutral background and leave some white space around it
the key club logo should also show up as often as possible; again, don't change colors, and place it on a neutral background.
here's the link:
doodles and such
International also made some doodles that are super cute and alot of editors use them
here's the link: http://www.keyclub.org/fad/cm/dak.aspx
so what in the world is the Branding Guide?
The branding guide, which can be downloaded here:
was designed to guide you in creating publications and products that make your materials "pop" while following Key Club graphic standards and letting people know that this creation belongs under Key Club International.

So basically, it's a new guide to graphic standards. Look over it, study it, master it. But we are covering most of the important things here today.
Titles, subtitles, important things:
Century Gothic
Body, long paragraphs:
Goudy old style
Don't be afraid to use
other fonts you like, just stick mostly to those two
Some other things to point out
the branding guidelines should not limit you in any way. Instead, it simply serves as a tool to enhance your publication and promote Key Club in general.
almost done
let's get started
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