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Defense Mechanisms Project

No description

Lauren Donahue

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Defense Mechanisms Project

By Ali Rabideau, Katie Lancaster, and Lauren Donahue Defense Mechanism Project Oh no! The Id, Ego, and Superego Everyone has an to maintain a balance between our , which compels us to answer our most basic sexual and aggressive desires, and our , which holds us to our morals and consciousness. Mia has an older brother, Charles, who is sullen and quiet and keeps to himself all day, listening to music. Mia has begun to act like Charles, because he seems to be handling the move better than she is. She avoids talking to people, and is always wearing her headphones. In this way, she hopes to avoid any sadness surrounding the move. Here's What's Happening... Mia's parents have just informed her that their family will be moving to California next month. This means that Mia will have to change high schools for her senior year! Denial March 19, 2013 Mia is currently in denial. She is refusing to
acknowledge that she has to move. This defense
mechanism is shown in a moment of awareness
when one is not cooperating and does not want to
experience a certain situation, in this case the act of moving. AP Psychology 8 "NO! I WON'T GO! I REFUSE TO MOVE!" "I AM NOT MOVING!!!!!" "YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!" Sublimation Projection Projection is interpreting another person's thoughts as one's own unacceptable thoughts and desires. Rationalization are used by the ego to protect us from feeling the stress from the conflicting desires of the id and superego. ego Mia is rationalizing her behavior and feelings about moving by transforming facts to make the idea of the move less threatening. id superego Mom: "We are moving in 7 weeks to California..."

Mia, to a friend: "It's only for 7 weeks and then I'll be back! Kind of like a long vacation!"

Mom: "...that is not true..." Sublimation is when a person transforms a socially unacceptable impulse into a socially acceptable one. Instead of running away (this will cause her family and
friends a great deal of concern; a socially unacceptable impulse), Mia channels her anger into rugby (a socially acceptable sport). Mia is enraged by the fact that she has to move and her id wants her to run away from home in order to escape her anger. Introjection Defense mechanisms superego id Introjection is a defense mechanism that incorporates another person's characteristics into one's own personality to better handle a specific situation. Mia wants to fight with her parents, and cause them pain because they refuse to listen to her. But instead, she believes they have these feelings towards her. Mia accuses her parents, saying "You hate me, you do everything you can to make my life miserable!" More Defense Mechanisms.... Rationalization is distorting facts to make an event or desire less threatening; you change the facts in order to make it easier to deal with. El fin!
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